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Clinton Aides Weighed Fallout Of Calling Rwanda Killing 'Genocide'

A legal adviser to President Clinton wrote in 1994 that concluding that the situation in the central African country amounted to genocide "does not create a legal obligation ... to stop it."

An Open, Dark Secret: Ireland Reacts To Mass Grave Of Children

The bodies of hundreds of children were recently discovered in the Irish town of Tuam, left behind a former home for unmarried mothers. Alison O'Reilly of The Irish Mail broke the story, and she speaks with Robert Siegel about the mass grave and reactions to the news.

Allies Land Again In Normandy, This Time To Honor D-Day Vets

On the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings in France, President Obama joined with other allied leaders in commemorating veterans and those who lost their lives in the pivotal battle there.

On A Day Of Looking Back, Talks Move Forward On Ukraine

President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin met during a ceremony to commemorate the anniversary of D-Day. On the same day, Putin met with new Ukrainian President-elect Petro Poroshenko.

Former Boxer Steps Up As Kiev Mayor, Spars With Remaining Activists

Former world heavyweight boxing champ Vitaly Klitchko is now set to become mayor of Kiev. In his first major move, Klitchko is asking activists in Independence Square to pack up their tents and allow the square to return to normal. Some activists are resisting, warning that one presidential election doesn't guarantee the success of their revolution — or do justice to the martyrs who were killed there.

Who Shot Pakistan's Star News Anchor? Some Point To Spy Agency

Pakistan's biggest media house and the country's spy agency, Inter-Services Intelligence, have been embroiled in conflict recently. Geo TV alleged that ISI tried to kill the network's anchor, who was shot and badly injured in April. Now, government regulators have intervened, banning Geo for two weeks.

For Americans Held In Honduras, Daily Fines And Decrepit Conditions

Six Americans have been detained in Honduras for the last month, jailed on suspicion of smuggling arms. The Americans claim the guns they carried were for personal protection against pirates.

WWII Vet, AWOL From Nursing Home, Found At Normandy Ceremonies

After Bernard Jordan's nursing home in Sussex couldn't sign him up for an organized trip, the 89-year-old put on his medals and headed out on his own. The nursing home reported him missing.
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African Immigrants, Local Politics

This weekend, Maryland gubernatorial candidates will address African immigrant voters in Silver Spring. We explore how new Americans are mobilizing at a local level.


Striking Train Workers Add To Brazil's World Cup Woes

There was chaos in Brazil on Friday as striking workers and police clashed and commuters jammed onto overcrowded buses. The list of headaches is growing ahead of next week's World Cup kickoff.