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Europeans Summon Israeli Diplomats On Settlement Plan

Israel's ambassadors to Britain, France, Denmark, Spain and Sweden were summoned to hear criticism of the plan. The criticism in the U.S. was more muted.

In Damascus, Bracing For The Worst

There is a growing sense that the rebels will soon launch a major assault on the Syrian capital. Many extended families are already crammed into small apartments in areas that have been relatively safe so far.

Rebels Hold The Cards In DR Congo

Congolese soldiers returned to Goma after a withdrawal by rebel troops. But rebels warn they will retake the city if the government fails to meet their demands. Host Michel Martin speaks with Reuters correspondent Jonny Hogg about the unrest.

French Mayor Introduces Rules On Politeness

In the small town near Paris, anyone who fails to say hello or thank you to staff at the town hall will be asked to leave. A recent poll did find that 60 percent of French people list bad manners as their No. 1 cause of stress.

U.S. Disputes Iran's Claim To Have Captured Drone

Iran has released video of what it says is a drone that launched from a U.S. ship and flew into Iranian airspace before being captured. The U.S. Navy says all such aircraft are "fully accounted for."

Rupert Murdoch Reveals Plan To Split Conglomerate

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. is still reeling from the phone-hacking scandal that forced the closure of one of the company's U.K. tabloids and has mired it in government and police investigations. One side will include the newspapers and publishing house while the other will contain its profitable television properties and movie studios.