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Why Are Americans Afraid Of China?

From business to culture, Bruce Pickering of the Asia Society speaks to host Michel Martin about China's growing influence, and offers perspective about whether some Americans' fears about China's role in the country are founded.

'Siamese Twins' Still Fascinate, Two Centuries Later

Born to Chinese parents, conjoined twins Eng and Chang Bunker became famous throughout the world as "Siamese twins." After years of being displayed at exhibitions, they settled in the mountains of North Carolina in the 1830s. NPR's Michel Martin learns more about their remarkable story from descendant Alex Sink.

Hollywood Wants A Piece Of The Action In China's Movie Market

Box office receipts in China reached new highs last year, and American filmmakers want to tap into that market. Host Michel Martin speaks with Los Angeles Times reporter John Horn, about the growth of the Chinese movie market, and how Hollywood plans to cash in.

Toledo, Ohio: Chinese Investment Wanted

Mayor Michael Bell hopes Chinese investment will help revive his blue-collar city. He helped broker a deal to sell a chunk of Toledo's waterfront to Chinese investors. Host Michel Martin and Mayor Bell discuss investments with China and what he thinks President Obama and China President Xi Jinping can accomplish during their U.S. visit.

A Small Farming Town Becomes Ground Zero In Syria's War

Syria's army has retaken the key crossroads town of Qusair after heavy fighting with rebels. NPR's Rima Marrouch, who was a regular visitor before the war, explains how the Christian-Muslim town became a sectarian battleground.
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Daniel Silva: "The English Girl"

The latest spy novel by best-selling novelist Daniel Silva. Character Gabriel Allon, an Israeli intelligence officer, is thrust into a game of shadows when a beautiful young British woman vanishes on the island of Corsica.

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A Foreign Policy Shakeup At The White House

In a major shakeup, the White House has announced it will appoint Susan Rice as national security adviser and Samantha Power as U.N. ambassador. We explore the new dynamics each woman brings to her post and to U.S. foreign policy.


Egyptian Court Verdict Complicates Relations With Washington

The State Department and several U.S. pro-democracy organizations have reacted strongly to a Cairo court ruling Tuesday. More than 40 foreign and local NGO workers were sentenced to prison for operating without a license. The ruling will likely spur calls in Congress for retaliation.