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Attack In Thai Capital Leaves Two Dead, A Score Wounded

Explosions and gunfire rocked an anti-government protest in Bangkok, Thai officials say.

After Referendum In Eastern Ukraine, Different Visions Emerge

Residents of eastern Ukraine are trying to figure out what happens next, now that pro-Russian separatists have claimed independence. But there's even disagreement over what's feasible.

In Wake Of Turkey Coal Mine Explosion, Anger Turns On Prime Minister

A day after an explosion at a coal mine killed at least 245 miners in Soma, Turkey, family members are gathering in protest. Sebnem Arsu of The New York Times offers more details from Soma.

To Make It Stateside, Gaza Strip Exports Must Pass Israeli Obstacles

Gaza farmers broke new ground in 2013, selling fresh herbs in U.S. supermarkets. But despite cheap labor and excellent soil, the hurdles to creating an export-driven economy are enormous.

Russia's Energy Giant Turns Up The Heat On Ukraine

Gazprom, the energy company, has dramatically raised the price it charges Ukraine for natural gas. Despite its weak, ailing economy, Ukraine must now pay far more than any other Gazprom client.

Unrest Breaks Out In Vietnam Over Island Dispute With China

Mobs in Ho Chi Minh City targeted Chinese-owned factories, setting some on fire. Meanwhile, the Philippines says China is building an airstrip on the disputed Spratly Islands.

For The Win(e): U.S. Passes France As World's Top Wine Consumer

French wine consumption fell 7 percent between 2012 and 2013, while U.S. consumption grew by 0.5 percent, a report finds. Still, the French drink six times more wine per head than Americans.

In A New Twist To A Poignant Tale, Oscar-Winning Director Found Dead

Swedish director Malik Bendjelloul won an Oscar with his first documentary, a poignant story about an American singer who was famous in South Africa for decades and didn't know it.
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Europe vs. Google: "The Right to be Forgotten"

The European Court of Justice ruled this week that Google must remove certain links in search results if people ask to have them taken down. The case involves the so-called right to be forgotten and a Spanish man upset that searches of his...


MERS 101: What We Do (And Don't) Know About The Virus

Scientists are racing to figure out how the Middle East respiratory syndrome virus infects people. After surfacing in 2012, it has spread to the U.S. and other countries. Here's what we know so far.