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Spain, Eurozone Agree To 'Financial Support'

Spanish and euro zone officials announced their intentions after a three-hour emergency conference call on Saturday. If they make good on it, Spain will be the fourth – and largest — member of the 17-nation euro zone to receive outside help as Europe's debt crisis marches on.

Bahrain's Crackdown On Activists Extends To Twitter

A prominent human rights activist in Bahrain, Nabel Rajab, is back in detention, this time for what he has been writing in his Twitter feed. One of his colleagues from Bahrain Center for Human Rights, Maryam al-Khawaja, says this is the sixth case against Najab and typical of how the government continues to crack down on activists.

Finally Inside Syria, What A Reporter Sees

On a rare visit to Syria, Deb Amos talks with Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon about the 15-month old conflict and the mood in the Syrian capital.

Restructuring Europe Amid A Complex Political Climate

Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon speaks with veteran British politician Lord David Owen about his long history of managing the complex politics of Europe, and his thoughts on restructuring a faltering financial system to set the continent back on track.

The Young And The Jobless: Hopes On Hold In Spain

For a stark example of the depth of the European economic crisis, consider the job prospects of young Spaniards. Nearly 50 percent are out of work, making it extremely difficult for many to move out of their parents' home, start a career or get married.

Growling With The Gorillas: A Rwanda Mountain Trek

Gorillas often get a bad rap, but folks who work with them say they're as much gentle as giant. On a recent trip to scope out the primates, an NPR producer trekked into the Virunga mountains of East Africa, where more than half of the world's mountain gorillas live.