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Can U.S. And China Carve Out Peaceful Future In Asia?

As President Obama meets his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, many experts hope this will be the start of something new: regular high-level contacts. History shows it is always dangerous when established powers face rising powers.

What Do NGO Convictions Say About Democracy In Egypt?

Robert Siegel talks with Sherif Mansour, an Egyptian-American who was sentenced to two years in prison by an Egyptian court Tuesday for his work with a pro-democracy group.
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Drones Divide U.S. And Pakistan

President Barack Obama's foreign policy speech touches on drones for the first time. We look at U.S. drone policy and how it's playing out in Pakistan.

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U.K. Secretary Of State For Health Jeremy Hunt

Kojo chats with U.K. Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt about efforts to digitize Britain's health system and why countries around the world are watching the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in the United States.


Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi Walks Fine Line In Her New Role

The Myanmar opposition leader is being criticized for cooperating with the former military rulers who kept her under house arrest for nearly two decades. But supporters say she is trying to show she has what it takes to lead the nation.

After Protests, Evaluating Turkey's Role As A Democracy

What started as a small sit-in on Friday in Istanbul grew into a massive demonstration against the Turkish government. That government dismissed the demonstrators as extremists. Steven Cook, of the Council on Foreign Relations, talks about Turkey's changing role as a democracy in the region.