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As Turkey Rises, 'A Real Problem' With Censorship

The country is disputing a new report that names it as the world's leading jailer of journalists, with scores behind bars — ahead of Iran, China and other authoritarian states. Ongoing international attention to Turkey's treatment of the media has raised hope that reforms could be forthcoming.

Retro London Cabs On The Road Toward Extinction

The number of black beetle-like taxis is dwindling. The only company that makes them had to recall 400 of its newest vehicles because of a mechanical defect. Ahead of the holiday season, very few of its rentals are available. As the company files for bankruptcy protection, cabbies cross their fingers to keep the iconic vehicle alive.

Church Of England Names New Top Cleric

The Bishop of Durham, Justin Welby, has been appointed as the next archbishop of Canterbury and leader of the Church of England. The former oil executive has only a year's experience as a bishop. Philip Reeves has the story.
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International Adoptions

Russia's move to ban American adoptions of Russian children forces international diplomacy into the lives of some families. Kojo explores the challenges of inter-country adoption.


Sky-High Vegetables: Vertical Farming Sprouts In Singapore

Urban farming goes vertical, as Singapore opens a 30-feet tall greenhouse for bok choy and cabbage. The farm is already producing half a ton of veggies per day for local supermarkets. But are these vertical "farmscrapers" any more efficient than traditional, flat greenhouses?

The Art Of Chinese Propaganda

A treasure-trove of Mao-era propaganda posters is housed in an unmarked basement museum in Shanghai.

To Combat Sanctions, Iran Buys Up Gold

Iran's economy has been hit hard by U.S.-led sanctions that have targeted its oil exports and its banking system. In response, Iran appears to have gone on a gold buying spree as it attempts to halt the downward spiral of its currency.