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Silent And Unsung, Ball Boys Keep Wimbledon Rolling

To make the cut, the tournament's ball boys and girls undergo months of rigorous training. They must remain stock-still during play, roll a perfect roll and bounce a perfect bounce. They must also have impeccable manners and complete command of the rules of the game.

Egypt's First Civilian President Takes Oath Of Office

Before taking today's official oath, The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi appeared before thousands of supporters in Tahrir Square Friday to take a symbolic one.

Europe Reaches Deal To Help Ease Debt Woes

European leaders pulled an all-nighter but appear to have agreed to a slate of measures designed to ease the debt crisis and restore confidence in the euro.

A Portrait Of Chinese Corruption, In Rosy Pink

For decades, China's Communist Party has declared that corruption threatens its survival. But a state-run paper recently argued that corruption couldn't be stamped out, so it should be contained to acceptable levels.

Will Reforms End Myanmar Monks' Spiritual Strike?

Since the country's Saffron Revolution in 2007, Myanmar monks have refused alms from senior military leaders, a huge blow in a country that is 90 percent Buddhist. Now, prospects for lifting the spiritual boycott may be improving because of reforms by President Thein Sein's nominally civilian government.