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50 Years After Vatican II Transformation Continues

The Catholic Church started an ambitious effort 50 years ago to adapt to the modern world. Vatican II changed everything from the language used during worship, to the role of women within the Catholic church. Host Michel Martin discusses the role of Vatican II in today's church with Greg Tobin, author of The Good Pope.

Dalai Lama Appoints American To A Top Post

An American monk is now leading one of the most important monasteries in Tibetan Buddhism. The Dalai Lama appointed Nicholas Vreeland as the abbot of a southern Indian monastery to help bridge Buddhist tradition with the Western world. Vreeland talks with host Michel Martin about what it means to be an American holding such an important post.

Court Clears Way For Terror Suspect To Be Sent From U.K. To U.S.

Abu Hamza al-Masri, a radical Muslim preacher, is wanted in the U.S. for allegedly trying to set up a terrorist training camp.

Sacre Bleu! French Bees' Taste For M&Ms Makes For Colored Honey

Beekeepers in Alsace couldn't figure out why their honey was coming out in shades of blue and green. But the answer was not far away. A plant that processes waste from an M&M factory was just too tempting to the bees.

Guards Chastised For Showing Inmates Prison Flick

Prosecutors say inmates at a Russian prison were shown Next Three Days. That's the Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks movie about a jailbreak. Prosecutors reprimanded the guards calling the film a "jailbreak manual."

Reports: Two Suspects In Libyan Attack Detained In Turkey

News outlets in Turkey say that two Tunisian men were stopped at Ataturk Airport as they tried to enter the country with fake passports. They're said to be suspects in the Sept. 11 attack that left four Americans dead, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya.

Venezuelans In Fla. Face 900-Mile Trip To Vote

Venezuelans go to the polls Sunday to decide whether President Hugo Chavez remains in power. Polls indicate it's his most serious electoral challenge since taking office nearly 14 years ago. But Venezuela closed its Miami consulate, so Florida voters have to go to New Orleans.