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Group Announces 2 Pussy Riot Members Flee Russia

Members of the band took part in the protest against Russian President Vladimir Putin that sent three of their band mates to jail. The group, which is an anonymous collective of more than a dozen people, tweeted that the two women were safe outside of the country.

In Distressed Syria, Urban And Rural Cultures At Odds

The revolt began in the countryside, but it is now concentrated in two main cities: Damascus and Aleppo. While poor Syrians are flooding refugee camps on the borders, the middle- and upper-class civilians can pay to cross. Despite tension, some are seeking ways to build a post-Assad future together.

Documenting Haiti's Ruined Grandeur

Photographer Swoan Parker toured Haiti's National Palace, which was destroyed in the 2010 earthquake. "For many people, it stands for Haiti's pride," she says. "This is a symbol for many people, so they consider it a great sense of loss."

Hong Kong Keeping Syria Online

The number of significant internet outages in Syria over the past six weeks or so has been increasing. One of the main Internet providers keeping Syria online, however, is a company based in Hong Kong. Weekend Edition Sunday guest host Linda Wertheimer has more.

Ugandan Gold Medalist Returns To Fame And Fortune

Stephen Kiprotich came out of nowhere to win the gold medal in the marathon at the London Olympics. His rags-to-riches story has buoyed spirits in his impoverished homeland. Now, he is grappling with his newfound fame and fortune, while eagerly anticipating the return to his great love, running.

Palestinians Flood Into Israel, If Only Briefly

Israel has allowed relatively few Palestinians to visit in recent years. But for the holy month of Ramadan and the holiday that followed, Israel loosened security restrictions and allowed 1.2 million Palestinians to enter.

What's Next For Jailed Pakistani Christian?

NPR's Lauren Frayer has the latest on the case of a jailed Christian girl accused of blasphemy in Pakistan.