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Tears And Drama Punctuate Olympics' Final Weekend

The U.S. men's basketball team defended its Olympic title today as the London Summer Games draw to a close, and there was plenty of drama elsewhere on the final game of the competition. NPR's Tom Goldman tells host about Guy Raz the greatest moments and those that were a little embarrassing.

Egypt's New Leader Dismisses Military Chiefs

The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi ordered the retirement of Defense Minister Hussein Tantawi and Chief of Staff Gen. Sami Annan. It's seen as the boldest move he's made since assuming the nation's top job.

On The Road To Olympic Gold, Kenyan Marathoners Fuel Up On Carbs

Kenya's winning marathoners mainly fill up on high-carb vegetarian dishes like ugali, a cornmeal mush, and githeri, boiled corn and kidney beans. It's a bland diet, but it seems to help them excel at middle- and long-distance running.

Life Is Good For Norwegians, But Tourists Pay Price

NPR's Eleanor Beardsley brings us a postcard from pricey Norway where a glass wine at dinner cost her the equivalent of $30. Norwegians have one of the highest living standards in the world and live in a society protected by oil and gas reserves. Life is nice for Norwegians, but tourist beware.

Economic Woes For 'Good Italy' And 'Bad Italy'

Weekend Edition Sunday guest host Linda Wertheimer talks with author Bill Emmott about his book Good Italy, Bad Italy, which explores some of the economic challenges Italy faces.