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Italian Court Orders Retrial For Amanda Knox

The young American was convicted in the brutal 2007 murder of an English exchange student. Later, an appeals court overturned that verdict. But now, Italy's highest court has ordered a retrial. Knox is in the U.S. If she is convicted again, Italy might seek her extradition.

Sellout Crowd To Watch U.S., Mexico Play Soccer

The U.S. and Mexico have a long rivalry on the soccer field. They take the field again Tuesday in a game that holds political, cultural and competitive importance. It's a World Cup qualifier.

Rich Russians Hurt By Cyprus Bank Bailout

Cyprus has reached a bailout with the European Union. One of the hardest hit groups in this deal is super wealthy Russians. David Greene talks to professor Alena Ledeneva of University College London about the culture of the ultra rich in Russia, and the role they played in Cyprus' economy.

Syrian Aid Groups Train An Army Of Activists

More than 100 private aid groups have emerged since the uprising began, and many activists say the experience they've gained will be valuable in rebuilding the country.

U.S. Transfers Prison Over To Afghan Control

Parwan was the last detention center in Afghanistan still in U.S. control. The handover includes most prisoners at the facility, though the U.S. will still have authority over about 100 prisoners.

Catholics Hope Pope Francis Will Influence World's Economic Problems

The new Pope is both an anti-Marxist who opposed leftist political movements and a humble friend of the poor who has criticized global capitalism. In fact, his positions are in line with those of his predecessors on economic matters — suspicious of any ideology that views humans as economic actors alone. But a lot of people who follow the church say that he will be better than Pope Benedict at getting the Church's message across on economic issues.