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Church Must Find Balance, Pope Says, Or Fall Like Cards

Francis' comments came in a wide-ranging interview with 16 Jesuit publications. He said when the church does speak about issues like gays, abortion and contraception, it should do so in context. "It is not necessary to talk about these issues all the time," he said.

Greek PM Denounces Neo-Nazi Party After Musician's Murder

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras lashes out at the right-wing Golden Dawn party after an extremist admits to killing a prominent Greek hip-hop artist.

Youth Interrupted: Myanmar's Underage, Illiterate Workers

Child labor is not a minor social blight in the country, it's a pillar of the economy — and it looks a lot like child labor in the U.S. circa the Industrial Revolution. As Myanmar opens to the world, its child labor practices are likely to face greater scrutiny.

A Hospital Tells Police Where Fights Happen, And Crime Drops

People who show up wounded at a hospital often don't tell police. When a hospital in Cardiff, Wales, shared that information without naming names, the toll of violence dropped, and the city saved $11 million a year on health care and policing. Other British cities are adopting the program.

France Moves To Say 'Mais Non' To Honey Boo Boos

Outrage in the U.S. over a French photo spread featuring a seductively arrayed 10-year-old model helped spur proposed legislation to ban child beauty pageants in France. That's ironic considering how popular, prevalent and lucrative the American child, or "glitz," beauty pageant industry is.
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Friday News Roundup - International

James Kitfield of National Journal, Susan Glasser of Politico and Bruce Auster of NPR join guest host Steve Roberts for analysis of the week's top national news stories, including: The Obama administration's preparations for high-level meetings with Iran’s new president. Russia's objections to the U.N. report on Syria's chemical weapons. And Brazil’s president calling off her visit to the U.S.


Putin 'Doesn't Believe In You,' McCain Tells Russian People

The Arizona senator and 2008 Republican presidential nominee wrote a stinging response to the Russian leader's put-down of "American exceptionalism." Putin, he tells Russians, "rules for himself, not you." McCain's essay has been posted by Russia's Pravda.

An Indian Terrorism Case, With Links To Informal Cash Transfers

The hawala system has been long used by those outside the formal banking sector. It gives people a quick, cheap and anonymous way to send money back home. But the very reasons it's attractive to them also make hawala attractive to terrorists.

Death Toll At 80 And Likely To Rise As Storms Slam Mexico

In the mountains around Acapulco, mudslides and floods have killed dozens of people. In the resort city itself, 30,000 tourists are trying to leave — but there are few flights out. Meanwhile, Mexico's Gulf coast is also being pummeled.

Exhibit In Scotland Showcases Miniature Books

One of the world's smallest is a version of the nursery rhyme "Old King Cole" — no bigger than a grain of rice. Back in the 1800s, one Scottish publisher discovered that a poorly selling copy of poems by Robert Burns became a bestseller when he miniaturized it.