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European Leaders To Meet To Consider Eurozone Fix

When European Union leaders gather later this week, it will be their 19th summit since the Greek financial crisis began to undermine the euro. That was three years ago. After so many inconclusive summits, markets are anxious to see if leaders can finally agree on how to save the euro.

Putin Visits Israel During Middle East Uncertainty

Russian President Vladimir Putin is making a rare visit to Israel, with an entourage of some 300 officials and businessmen. The war in Syria and Iran's suspect nuclear program will figure prominently in Putin's talks with Prime Minister Netanyahu and other Israeli officials.

Despite Election, Egypt's Military Wields Real Power

Mohamed Morsi has been named the winner of Egypt's presidential election. His victory has many Egyptians worried about a member of the Muslim Brotherhood heading the country. Still, Egypt's ruling military leaders are not likely to give up power any time soon.

Djokovic, Sharapova Top Seeds At Wimbledon

Action begins Monday in the Wimbledon tennis championships in London. John Wertheim of Sports Illustrated talks to Steve Inskeep about the most prestigious tournament in tennis. Novak Djokovic and Maria Sharapova are the top seeds.

Tough Road Ahead For Egypt's New President, Islamists

Millions of unemployed young people, a corrupt oligarchy, a massive underclass and religious tension are just a few of the problems Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood face. Also, the ruling military council has effectively stripped most of Morsi's powers and dissolved the Brotherhood-dominated Parliament.

Packed Tahrir Square Celebrates New President

Supporters of Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi are in Cairo's Tarir Square celebrating their candidate's win in the presidential election. But questions remain about whether the new president will create an Islamist-dominated government. Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson Guy Raz

Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi To Be Egypt's New President

Egypt's electoral commission declared the results of the country's first free presidential elections on Sunday. Crowds in Cairo's Tahrir Square erupted in cheers at the announcement.

Turkey Denounces Syrian Action Against Its Plane

Turkey issued its first official response since one of its planes being shot down by Syrian air defense. The Turkish foreign minister is charging that the incident was an act of aggression, and he says Turkey will take its case to NATO and to the United Nations. Guest host David Greene talks with NPR's Deborah Amos.