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McDonald's Food Has A Healthy Glow, At Least In China

A new ad by McDonald's China reinforces the brand's image in the country as healthful and wholesome. And it will work, a market analyst says, because the Chinese trust that American food brands are safer than their own.

'It's What We Have': Spain's Athletes Sigh, And Put On Olympic Uniforms

Spanish Olympians are learning a painful lesson as they dress for the London 2012 Opening Ceremony: You get what you pay for. The colorful uniforms were free, but athletes say they're paying the price. Tennis player Carlos Moya expressed relief that he's retired, and so won't have to wear the ensemble.

We Set Up An Offshore Company In A Tax Haven

What is striking about all the offshore services available today is that while they are totally legal, the system seems to make it easy to get away with things that are not legal.

Greece's Latest Crisis: Rising HIV Cases

Despite having one of the lowest HIV rates in Europe, Greece's recent jump in the number of infections, particularly among injecting drug users, is alarming. Health workers blame cuts in health and social services, including the end of what had been a successful needle exchange program.

'Tremendous Honor': Dancing For The World At Olympics Opener

Friday's opening ceremony marks the official start of the London Olympics. It's a wide-ranging ode to British history and culture called "Isles of Wonder," featuring music, dancing, live farm animals and 10,000 volunteers.

In Syrian Conflict, Both Sides Vie To Control Message

Just like the Syrian government, the rebels in the town of Derat Azza are in the business of message control, depicting themselves in a sympathetic light. The rebels protect the remaining civilians. But if the rebels weren't there, would the government be targeting them in the first place?

Latest Target For Palestinians' Protest? Their Leader

A longtime proponent of a peaceful solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is feeling the heat from Palestinians frustrated with the lack of progress in Mideast talks. Opponents also say the 77-year-old leader isn't addressing dire economic problems.