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Tibetan Customs Include Horse Races ... And Paramilitary Police?

Inside China, Tibetan "customs" include the Nagqu horse festival, complete with state-sponsored repression. At least that's what's on display in an exhibit at the National Museum Of China.

With Withdrawal Looming, U.S. Troops Shift Their Aim

U.S. and other NATO troops are spending less time fighting the Taliban and more time making local Afghan governments self-sufficient. It's a slow process.

Thousands of Dead Pigs Clog Shanghai's Main Water Source

The bloated carcasses were first noticed on Tuesday. Authorities says they appear to have died as a result of a swine virus that cannot be transmitted to humans.

Edible Bonsai: East Meets West On These Cookie Canvases

Art student Risa Hirai has turned her skills in oil painting to elaborate icing decoration. Her works, on exhibit this week at Gallery Tokyo Humanite, feature traditional Japanese motifs on a very Western canvas: cookies

Pakistan Begins Construction of Pipeline Link With Iran

The U.S. has objected to the 1,000-mile-long pipeline, but Pakistan says it's needed to alleviate its energy shortfall.

While U.S And South Korea Militaries Drill, 'Bombast Continues' From The North

Experts worry that while the North has often made threats, now it's rhetoric is ratcheting up. That may make the new young leader, Kim Jong Un, feel as if he has to follow through on the threats in some way.

A Rough Guide To The Papal Conclave

On Tuesday, 115 "cardinal electors" will be locked inside the Vatican to begin the secretive process of selecting the new leader of the world's 1.2 billion Catholics. It's one of the more spectacular and intriguing theatrical dramas on the planet.

Investigation Under Way In Death Of India Rape Suspect

In India, an investigation is under way into the death of the man who police say was the lead accused in the gruesome gang rape of a young woman on a bus in New Delhi last December. Authorities at the Tihar jail in Delhi say he was found early Monday morning hanging in his cell. For more, Steve Inskeep speaks with NPR's Julie McCarthy.