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Elephant Poaching Pushes Species To Brink Of Extinction

Forest elephants in central Africa are being slaughtered in record numbers for their ivory tusks, a decade-long study finds. The U.S. government and wildlife advocacy groups are struggling to slow the killings as poaching is overcoming laws and treaties intended to protect the species.

John Kerry, A 'Recovering Politician,' Settles Into Diplomatic Role

John Kerry's first trip as secretary of state took him to Europe — where he spent time growing up as the son of a diplomat. Kerry, who also had stops in the Middle East, says he can't speak as freely now as when he was a senator.

Russian Police Arrest Three Men In Connection With Bolshoi Attack

One of those arrested is a star dancer at the Bolshoi. He's accused of masterminding the acid attack that nearly blinded Sergei Filin, the ballet's artistic director.

Hamas Ban On Female Runners Spurs Cancellation Of Gaza Marathon

The U.N. agency that sponsors the marathon said it "regrets" the decision, but blamed the Islamist movement for the move. Hamas says it doesn't "want me and women running together."
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Venezuela After The Death Of Hugo Chavez

Venezuela after Chavez: What the death of the Socialist leader will mean for the country, the region and the U.S.


North Korea Threatens To Nullify Armistice; What Did That 1953 Pact Say?

"In the interest of stopping the Korean conflict, with its great toil of suffering and bloodshed," all sides agreed to the ceasefire. They also agreed to work on a "peaceful settlement of the Korean question." That work remains unfinished.
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Syria And The US Role In The Middle East

The Obama administration is stepping up support for rebels in Syria’s civil war. A panel joins Diane to discuss U.S. leverage in Syria and America's role in the Middle East.


Venezuela's Chavez Takes Turn For The Worse

The Venezuelan president is having difficulty breathing and has a new "severe" infection, as his vice president has taken over the day-to-day running of government.