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Gas Leak Suspected After Dozens Injured By Blast In Prague

The explosion in the center of the Czech capital heavily damaged one building and shattered windows in nearby structures. There were fears that at least a few people might be trapped in rubble.

Hollywood Searches For 'Pot Of Gold' In China

Renee Montagne talks with Kim Masters, editor-at-large at The Hollywood Reporter, about Hollywood's continuing efforts to break into the Chinese film market. It's now the world's second largest. Masters also hosts The Business on member station KCRW.

After Months Of Deadlock, Italy Gets New Government

On Sunday, a new government was sworn in in Italy. The event was marred by a man who shot and wounded two police officers and a passerby as the swearing in ceremony was taking place.

U.S.-Mexico Alliance Against Drug Cartels In Jeopardy

Mexico is considering changes to its collaboration with the United States in the war on drugs. Steve Inskeep talks to Dana Priest of The Washington Post about her investigative piece examining Mexico's anti-drug war efforts.

Koreans In U.S. Have Mixed Reaction To North's Threats

Southern California is home to one of the largest Korean populations in the United States. Some in this community have been especially alarmed by North Korea's latest threats of a nuclear attack, but many think the North's provocations are a lot of bluster.

Iran's Political Scene Is Sketchy For Cartoonists

Political cartoons have a long history in Iran and give voice to critics of the authoritarian regime. Lately cartoonists have been increasingly persecuted for their work. A recent book, Sketches of Iran, pairs 40 political essays with cartoons depicting life in Iran today.

Japan Marks 'Restoration Of Sovereignty' For The First Time

The day marks the end of the allied occupation of the country following its defeat in World War II. The day was an election pledge by the prime minister, who in recent weeks has adopted a more hawkish security stance.