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Crisis At BBC Spreads As Two News Execs Step Aside

The moves come just days after the BBC's director-general resigned over a news program that wrongly accused a former lawmaker of child abuse. The scandal, which follows another one involving a late BBC star who's been revealed to be a pedophile, has raised big questions about journalistic standards in the modern age.

A German City With Debt Problems Of Its Own

Oberhausen — Germany's most indebted city — borrows nearly $500,000 daily. It needs the funds not just to keep itself afloat but also to make regular payments intended to revitalize former East German cities. Critics say the payments are unwarranted when Oberhausen itself is in such dire straits.

New Umbrella Group Draws Syrian Rebels Together

Robert Siegel talks with Yaser Tabbara, spokesman for a newly formed umbrella organization of Syrian opposition groups. The coalition, forged over the weekend in Doha, is much broader than its predecessor, the Syrian National Council, bringing together roughly 90 percent of Syria's opposition. Tabbara, an attorney typically based in Chicago, helped broker the coalition's agreement.

New Greek Budget Calls For More Cuts, Tax Hikes

The Greek government passed a 2013 budget on Monday that includes more spending cuts and tax hikes. But European leaders, while welcoming the move, won't give Greece its latest loan fix for now because of the country's rising debt. More than two years after Greece adopted a punishing austerity regimen in exchange for bailout loans, the country remains deeply in debt and addicted to loans. There has been some progress on reforms, especially in doing business in Greece, but this has been vastly overshadowed by a deep recession that has left more than a quarter of the work force unemployed and a mounting debt that everyone agrees is unsustainable.