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Kerry Says He's Confident Arms Are Reaching Syrian Rebels

The U.S. secretary of state announced last week that Washington will provide $60 million in nonlethal aid to the Syrian opposition.

In China, Baby's Brutal Death Raises Questions For Many About Nation's Values

Two car thefts, one in the U.S. and one in China, have transfixed many in China. In both cases, babies were in the vehicles. The American case ended happily when the thief phoned police to tell them where to find the child. In China, the suspect has confessed to killing little Haobo.

Ex-Pats: Chavez's Death Liberates Venezuelans

While Hugo Chavez was in power, tens of thousands of Venezuelans fled their homeland and rebuilt their lives in South Florida. Ex-Pat Maria Diaz says it is too early to predict what will happen now in her native country.

Presidential Runoff Expected In Kenya

In Kenya, questions have been raised about the presidential election process. The ballot count has been very slow, and hundreds of thousands of ballots have been rejected. It appears there will have to be a runoff.

Did Chavez Impose Lasting Change On Latin American Politics?

Steve Inskeep talks to Jon Lee Anderson of The New Yorker about the next chapter for Venezuela. President Hugo Chavez died Tuesday at the age of 58 after a 14-year rule.

Venezuelans Mourns Late President Hugo Chavez

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who died Tuesday at age 58, was an ally of dictators like Cuba's Fidel Castro and loudly opposed the United States. Chavez claimed capitalism was destroying the world and tried to transform Venezuela into a socialist state.

Chavez's Death Will Have Ramifications For Cuba

The death of President Hugo Chavez could mean as much for Cuba as it will for Venezuela. The Chavez government has heavily subsidized Cuba.