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In Myanmar, A Hunt For Fabled Cache Of Buried WWII Spitfires

A team of researchers hopes to verify a fantastic tale that British troops leaving Burma in 1945 buried dozens of Spitfire fighter planes around the country. For 16 years, an English farmer has hunted the aircraft. Now, he believes he is close to unearthing them — and, he hopes, restoring them to flying condition.

Reports: Death Toll In Algeria At 80

Islamist militants attacked a gas plant last Wednesday and took hostages. Algerian forces were able to regain control of the facility on Saturday. They've found bodies inside since then. It isn't clear how many of the dead were hostages and how many were their captors.

During 2nd Term, Obama To Pivot To Asia

Both India and the U.S. seem disappointed with each other after the high expectations raised by President Obama's election in 2007. India is concerned about the uncertainty in U.S. policy toward China and Afghanistan.

Nightmare Details Emerge After Siege Ends In Algeria

After the four-day hostage crisis in Algeria, the death toll has risen to at least 81. Algerian forces that were searching the natural gas plant in the Sahara that was taken over by Islamist militants found at least 25 more bodies on Sunday.

Egyptians React To Obama's First Term

Just a few months into his first term in office, President Obama traveled to Egypt where he delivered a groundbreaking speech to the Muslim world from the campus of Cairo University. Egyptians are recalling that speech and their expectations for Obama's second term.

Israel's Move To The Right, Ahead Of Elections

Israel holds elections Tuesday. Steve Inskeep talks to journalist David Remnick, who recently visited the country and found what he called a vibrant movement on the "radical right."