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Raising Romania's Orphans, Several Boys At A Time

Florin Grosuleac has raised more than 60 orphaned boys in his small apartment in Bucharest. In a country where children are too often abandoned, Grosuleac has devoted his life to taking them in.

BBC Weatherman Apologizes For Inaccurate Forecast

Rainy weather is the norm in Britain. So forgive people in southeast England for being excited when the BBC called for a dry, sunny weekend. Instead, a series of storms erupted.

Syrian Refugees Burden Neighboring Turkey

Thousands of Syrian refugees have been fleeing to the border with Turkey, trying to escape the violence of their besieged cities. They arrive daily, overwhelming Turkish camps and the surrounding area as they wait for help.

Bo Xilai's Wife Gets Suspended Death Sentence

The wife of disgraced Chinese leader Bo Xilai has gotten a suspended death sentence for killing a British businessman. Gu Kailai was convicted after confessing to killing Neil Heywood. Her accomplice, a family employee, was sentenced to nine years in prison.

India Accuses Pakistani Websites Of Inciting Panic

Thousands of Indian citizens fled major urban centers such as Bangalore and Hyderabad for the security of their home states as rumors swirled online late last week of imminent attacks against them. The cyber campaign appeared aimed at inflaming Muslim passions during the month of Ramadan

Afghan Attacks Continue Against Coalition Allies

NATO says a man in an Afghan police uniform shot and killed an international service member in southern Afghanistan on Sunday. He was the 10th U.S. service member killed in so-called "insider" attacks this month by Afghans in uniform or others with access to NATO bases.