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A Sail On The Nile Caps A Revolutionary Road Trip

Morning Edition's Steve Inskeep offers final thoughts on his Revolutionary Road Trip through North Africa. We also hear from NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson and Leila Fadel, who will fill in for Soraya in Cairo next year.

Battle For Power Coming To A Head In Egypt

Controversial court rulings on presidential and parliamentary elections sparked protests Thursday. Many in Egypt worry that this brings to a head the battle for power between the country's ruling generals and the main Islamist party, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Markets Encouraged By Plans To Calm Eurozone Panic

Turbulence and anxiety in the Eurozone have helped make this a volatile week on the markets. Global central banks are bracing themselves for worse and are moving to avert market panic ahead of the Greek election. Reports say they're preparing to take coordinated action to help banks by pumping in funds.

The Euro Question Divides Greeks Ahead Of Election

As Greeks prepare to cast ballots in a rerun of last month's inconclusive parliamentary elections, they remain split over two political parties: one that supports a large European bailout deal and the accompanying austerity measures and one that wants to ditch the deal.