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Violence Defies Pakistanis' Efforts To Define Their Nation

There is no more graphic example of the daunting challenges facing Pakistan's new prime minister than the bloody events playing out in the west of his nation. The fractured country is as threatened as ever by forces committed to its destruction.

How Do You Say 'Born To Ride' In Latin?

Pope Francis blessed thousands of Harley-Davidson owners on Sunday to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the iconic American motorcycles.

U.S. To North Korea: Dismantle Nuke Program, Then We'll Talk

Washington says actions speak louder than words and that Pyongyang must first meet international obligations before "senior-level" meetings can take place.

Jordan Says It's Ready If Syria Becomes Danger

King Abdullah made the remarks a day after after the U.S. said it would leave fighter jets and missiles in his country at the conclusion of joint military exercises.

Iran's President-Elect Meets With Caution In West

Hasan Rowhani is likely to be friendlier than his predecessor, but the U.S. and Israel have reacted with caution knowing that as president he will have little control over Iran's nuclear program.

Syrian Strife Draws In Neighbors, Global Players

Iran, Israel, Russia and Saudi Arabia are among the key global stakeholders in the conflict that has taken an estimated 93,000 lives. Here's a look at what some of them stand to gain — or lose.

Lebanon Feels The Pain Of Syrian War Spillover

Weekend Edition Sunday Host Rachel Martin talks to Michael Young, the opinion page editor of the Daily Star newspaper in Beirut, about the spillover of Syria's conflict into Lebanon.

Baghdad Businessman Reflects On Violence In Iraq

Weekend Edition Sunday Host Rachel Martin talks to Baghdad businessman Haider al-Jumaili about the growing violence in Iraq, where more than a thousand people died in May.