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Personal Stories Behind Europe's Fiscal Instability

Los Angeles Times columnist Doyle McManus recently spent three weeks in southern Europe. In his column, he writes that he found personal stories behind what, to many Americans, can sound like a "bloodless, mind-numbing discussion of currency zones, bank recapitalization and interest rates."

After 30 Years In Syria, Outspoken Priest Is Expelled

When anti-government demonstrations began last year, the Rev. Paolo Dall'Oglio supported the young Syrians calling for democracy. During his three decades in Syria, the Italian Jesuit priest helped restore an ancient monastery outside of Damascus and promoted Christian-Muslim dialogue.

Desert Plant's Potent Chemical Cocktail Makes Mice Go 'Ptooey'

In the latest example of plants harnessing animals to help them procreate: Spiny mice eat the sweet mignonette's fruit but a chemical cocktail the plant mixes up makes them spit out the seeds intact.

In Egypt, Generals Will Be In Control 'Until October, At Least'

The generals who have effectively been running things since Hosni Mubarak's regime was toppled in early 2011 will be "around and in charge" for months, NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson reports.

Market Rally Fades As Investors Turn Attention From Greece To Spain

Financial markets heaved sighs of relief about Sunday's vote in Greece and then got back to worrying about Europe's financial crisis.

Islamists Claim Victory In Egypt's Presidential Vote

Over the weekend, Egyptians completed voting in their historic presidential election. The Muslim Brotherhood has declared its candidate the winner, but official results are days away.