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Two Bodies Found Near Costa Concordia Wreck

The remains are presumed to be of a passenger and crew member still unaccounted for from the January 2012 disaster that killed 32 people.

Creator Of Anti-Muslim Film Being Released From Custody

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula's Innocence of Muslims sparked deadly protests in Muslim nations last year. It was also part of the controversy over how the Obama administration responded to the attack on a U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya. Nakoula was in jail on an unrelated charge of violating probation.
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Neil MacGregor: "Shakespeare's Restless World: A Portrait Of An Era In Twenty Objects"

The author of "A History of the World in 100 Objects" talks with Diane about his newest work of historical reconstruction. In it, he presents 20 objects -- from a rapier and dagger found on the shore of the Thames to a "magical" mirror -- that illustrate the dynamic period in late 16th century England that produced William Shakespeare.


Private Meetings With Iranians Give Veteran Diplomat Hope

Ryan Crocker, a former ambassador to Iran and Afghanistan who has served Republican and Democratic presidents, was among the Americans who met with Iranian officials this week at the U.N. He's come away thinking that "it is possible to come to accommodations" with new Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

New Chinese Law Cracks Down On 'Rumor Mongers'

The Chinese government is one of the most aggressive when it comes to censoring the Internet and restricting social media. A 16-year-old boy recently became the first person arrested under a new law that bars the spreading of rumors.

Toronto Blue Jays Fan Disrupts Game

The official report says the Blue Jays were "surprisingly winning" at the time of the incident. The fan's transgression "can only be described as an attempt to inject some kind of spark" into the Blue Jays, and relieve fans from their "season long agony."

Doping Scandals Cast Pall Over Cycling Group's Election

Cycling's international governing body, the UCI, will hold a presidential election in Florence, Italy, on Friday. It comes at a time when cycling is still trying to recover from the admissions of Lance Armstrong and the ever-present cloud of doping.

Albright: U.N. Needs To Show Its Relevance On Syrian Issue

Steve Inskeep talks to Madeleine Albright about the role the United Nations can play in dealing with international crises, like Syria's civil war. Albright was secretary of State when the U.S. took military action despite the absence of a U.N. resolution in Kosovo.

What Caused Floors To Collapse During Mall Siege In Kenya?

The recovery operation will be a long thorough process at the Nairobi shopping mall that was attacked over the weekend. More information is emerging about the number of people who were killed, injured or are still missing.

DOJ: 3 Brokers At ICAP Manipulated Libor Rate

Three former employees at the London-based brokerage have been charged by the Justice Department with participating in a criminal scheme to rig an interest rate that anchors the world's financial system. It's alleged that the three brokers from ICAP colluded with a trader at Swiss bank UBS.