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UBS To Pay $1.5 Billion In Fines Over Libor Scandal

The Swiss bank UBS has agreed to pay $1.5 billion in fines in multiple countries to settle allegations of manipulating the London interbank offered rate and other benchmark interest rates.

South Korea Elects First Female President

South Korea will have its first woman president with the election of Park Geun-hye after a very tight election. With most of the votes counted, Park was elected with a small majority over her liberal opponent. Park's father was the country's military dictator for 18 years.

In Pakistan, Tax Evaders Are Everywhere — Government Included

Tax evasion is a national problem in Pakistan. Only an estimated 2 percent of the population pays taxes. Now, a new investigative report says many politicians are part of the problem.

South Korea To Get Its First Female Leader

Park Geun-hye will not only be the first woman to lead the Asian nation, she's also the daughter of a military dictator who ruled for nearly two decades.

Three State Department Officials Resign Following Benghazi Report

The report on the Sept. 11 attack says that security was inadequate and depended heavily on local Libyan militias. It also criticized the State Department for ignoring requests for security upgrades.