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Europe Hits Microsoft With $731 Million Fine Over Browser Options

Microsoft blames the fine on sloppy coding in a service pack update that blocked a feature to offer users the choice of a competitor's Internet browser.

VIDEO: Mount Etna Lights Up The Night Sky

As the volcano erupted Tuesday night and early Wednesday, cameras caught the dramatic scene. Watch as the night sky glows red.

Exit Interview: US Trade Representative Ron Kirk

Look around your kitchen table and you'll see the work of Ambassador Ron Kirk. He's the United States Trade Representative, which is a cabinet-level position, and he's negotiated trade deals all around the world. Host Michel Martin talks to him about why he's choosing to step down from his post and the importance of U.S. trade.

Any Praise For Hugo Chavez?

Hugo Chavez was a controversial but charismatic leader of Venezuela. Host Michel Martin speaks with Dan Hellinger, a professor of political science at Webster University, about Chavez's legacy.

Eating Eyeballs: Taboo, Or Tasty?

Sit down to eat in Iceland, and you might be served boiled sheep's head, complete with the eye. In some cultures eyeballs are considered a culinary treat, but for most of us they're still in the category of "eww."

How To Sneak Into A Chinese Village When Police Don't Want You There

Reporting in China is sometimes a cat-and-mouse game with authorities, who want to keep journalists far from the scene when unrest breaks out.
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Friday News Roundup - International

Cyprus banks reopen under tight controls. The Arab League recognizes the Syrian opposition. And a new government crackdown in Egypt. A panel of journalists joins Diane for analysis of the week's top international news stories.


South Korea Vows Retaliation If Pyongyang Makes Good On Military Threat

Seoul says it will strike back if North Korea makes good on a threat to attack U.S. and South Korean forces.