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French President Signs Same-Sex Marriage Into Law

Parliament had passed the legislation in April, but the main opposition party challenged its constitutionality. A ruling by the Constitutional Council on Friday paved the way for President Francois Hollande's official blessing.

Toronto Mayor Blames Newspaper For Cocaine Video

The Toronto Star says its reporters have seen a video that purportedly shows Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine.

Need A Tattoo Translated? Forget The British Foreign Office

British consular officials say they've gotten odd requests over the past year, ranging from help in getting Olympic tickets to checking the credentials of an online date.
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'We Steal Secrets: The Story Of Wikileaks'

Oscar-winning documentary filmmmaker Alex Gibney joins Kojo in the studio to discuss his latest work, which explores the history of Wikileaks and the personal stories of Julian Assange and Bradley Manning.

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Cross-Cultural (Mis)Understanding

Kojo and diversity consultant Howard Ross explore what it means to be culturally competent -- whether you're a tourist visiting a country for the first time, or an executive closing an international business deal.

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The Future Of U.S. Foreign Aid

USAID Administrator Dr. Rajiv Shah joins Kojo to talk about the agency's priorities and where it fits into a complex web of public and private organizations providing development aid abroad.


U.N. Tries To Get Syria Peace Talks Back On Track

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday, saying it is important not to "lose momentum" in the effort to convene a peace conference on Syria. Ban was only the latest in a string of foreign dignitaries who have come to Russia, seeking Putin's blessing for such a conference, expected to be held in early June. There's a lot at stake. Russia has been a long-time supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and continues to supply weapons to his regime. U.S. officials have said lately that those weapons include advanced missile systems for attacking ships and airplanes. If Assad already has such weapons, they could pose a real threat to international efforts to impose a no-fly zone, to deliver supplies to the rebels, or to maintain a maritime embargo.