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U.S. Ambassador Killed In Attack In Libya

The U.S. State Department says its ambassador in Libya, Chris Stevens, was killed in an attack on a diplomatic facility in Benghazi.

German Court Rules In Favor Of EU Bailout Fund

Germany's high court on Wednesday rejected calls to block Europe's permanent bailout fund. The Netherlands is also having elections, and unhappiness over the bailout is likely to be a factor in the results. Also, the European Commission released its plan for a banking union. It's quite a big undertaking to try to bring all of Europe's financial institutions under a single regulatory umbrella.

Software, Not Just Bullets, Puts Military At Odds

For years, the U.S. Army has been using sophisticated data analysis to identify "high-value" targets and dismantle the groups that plant IEDs. With billions of dollars at stake, however, a major battle has erupted over which software the Army should use.

Major Decision On European Debt Due In Germany

The summer's over, and Europeans are returning from vacation to harsh reality — the battle to save their single currency zone from collapse. Every now and then there's a milestone in a simmering crisis that's ruined banks, brought down governments, and triggered riots and bail-outs. On Wednesday Germany's constitutional court will rule on Europe's new bail out fund.

China's President-To-Be Mysteriously Absent

The man in line to be China's next President has missed a number of official functions recently — leading to speculation about his health. Xi Jinping who's expected to take over the presidency next month, has not been seen in public for the last ten days. Comments on Chinese microblogging sites suggested he might be severely ill, or had been injured in a car crash. However wire reports quoting unnamed official sources say Xi has injured his back while swimming, and is avoiding public events while he recovers.