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Run Run Shaw, Kung Fu Movie Pioneer, Dies

The Hong Kong movie mogul's films included 1972's Five Fingers of Death, which was a kung fu classic. With his brother Ronnie, Shaw produced more than 1,000 films over five decades. He also helped produce some American films, including Blade Runner. Later, he became a prominent philanthropist.

Dennis Rodman Defends North Korean 'Basketball Diplomacy'

In a combative interview with CNN, the former NBA star implies that imprisoned American businessman Kenneth Bae, sentenced in May to 15 years' hard labor, is guilty of trying to overthrow the regime of Kim Jong Un.

London's Cheeky Skyscrapers

London's most modern skyscrapers have their formal names. But they are also given irreverent nicknames like "The Cheese Grater" and "The Prawn."

Can't Stand The Cold Snap? Don't Go To Antarctica

You think it's cold? You ain't seen nothing! Imagine what it's like at science's coldest places: from the Eastern Antarctic Plateau to the moons of Saturn to the coldest labs.

Sunday Assembly: A Church For The Godless Picks Up Steam

There's little talk of God at "Sunday Assembly," but you will find community, music and skepticism. There are now almost 30 congregations in several countries, offering what the British founders of the movement call "the best bits of church, but with no religion and awesome pop songs."

Panama Asks Spain To Help Resolve Canal Expansion Dispute

A European-led consortium has issued an ultimatum to the Panama Canal Authority, saying it will stop work unless it gets paid for $1.6 billion in cost overruns.

Foul Weather In Britain Linked To U.S. 'Polar Vortex'

The southwestern U.K. is getting slammed by huge waves whipped up by 70 mph winds accompanying a low-pressure system sweeping in from the Atlantic.

How I Almost Got Arrested With A South Sudanese Ex-Minister

A dozen war heroes from South Sudan's long struggle for independence are now accused of launching a coup to overthrow the democracy they helped create. One of them, Peter Adwok Nyaba, was telling NPR's Gregory Warner about the political roots of the conflict when police came for him.

Al-Qaida-Linked Militia Gains Control Of Fallujah

Robert Siegel talks to independent journalist Jane Arraf about the takeover of Fallujah and Ramadi by an al-Qaida-linked group. Arraf is based in Baghdad and was in Fallujah three weeks ago.
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Al-Qaida's New Rise In The Middle East

Experts join Kojo to understand the rise of militancy in Iraq and its traces in neighboring countries like Syria.