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Charges Filed Against Murdoch Editors Accused Of Paying Officials For Information

The charges are on top of those against many of the same people stemming from the scandal over the hacking of the phones of crime victims, celebrities and members of the royal family.

Britain Recognizes Syrian Opposition

The newly formed Syrian National Coalition is the "sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people," British Foreign Secretary William Hague says. Britain joins France in recognizing the organization.

Chinese Grandfather Models Teen Girls' Clothes

Liu Xianping advised his granddaughter on her fashion business, and then he modeled the looks. The photos went viral, and sales skyrocketed.

Christian Girl Accused Of Blasphemy Cleared By Pakistani Court

When Rimsha Masih was accused of burning pages from the Quran and arrested, the case drew international attention because the evidence against her was scant and she is said to be "mentally impaired." Today, a court threw out the charge. Her accuser awaits trial for allegedly planting evidence.

Conflict In Gaza: Diplomatic Push For Ceasefire Intensifies

Efforts to end the fighting are intensifying. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton lands in the region today. More than 100 deaths have been reported in Hamas-controlled Gaza. Three Israelis have been killed.

Obama's Asia Trip Reiterates Strategic Priority

President Obama is winging his way home from Asia Tuesday. The White House insists domestic budget concerns won't affect U.S. investment in Asia, which was the point of the president's three-nation tour this week. But some in the region are not so sure.

Gaza Strip Crisis Unites Palestinian Factions

As diplomatic efforts to broker a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas intensify, analysts say Hamas appears to be in a stronger position than ever before. Diplomatically, it has received enthusiastic support from Egypt and other Arab neighbors. And, the conflict has helped to strengthen Hamas domestic political position.

Push For Diplomatic Solution In Gaza Ramps Up

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrives in the region Tuesday. And in Cairo, Egypt's new Islamic leadership is now serving as a mediator between the Israelis and Gaza's Hamas-led government.