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Death Toll May Rise After More Bodies Found At Algerian Plant

More bodies have been reported found at the gas plant in Algeria where a four-day standoff with Islamist militants came to a bloody end on Saturday.

Repercussions Of Crisis In Algeria Could Be Far-Reaching

Algerian security forces stormed a natural gas complex in the Sahara desert Saturday, bringing to an end a four-day siege by Islamist militants who took dozens of foreigners hostage.

Mitigating The 'Dysfunctional' U.S.-Israeli Relationship

Host Rachel Martin talks with Aaron David Miller, Middle East analyst with the Woodrow Wilson Center, about the current state of relations between Israel and the United States, in the context of the upcoming election.

Ahead Of Elections, Israelis Talk Politics

Israelis go to the polls Tuesday in parliamentary elections that are expected to propel Benjamin Netanyahu back to the premiership. NPR's Larry Abramson talks with host Rachel Martin about the issues at play in the election, from relations with Iran, to the economy.

Life In Damascus: Plenty Of Food, Not Enough Electricity

The Syrian capital is doing better than most cities, and residents try to maintain a semblance of normalcy. Food shortages have eased, though there are daily power cuts.

Standoff Over Hostages Continues In Algeria

NPR's Eleanor Beardsley has an update on the situation at an Algerian gas facility where Islamic extremists took western hostages four days ago. The Algerian government says the fates of all the workers at the facility will be known by the end of the day.

Hostages, Militants Reported Dead After Assault Ends Standoff

Algerian special forces stormed a gas installation where militants were holding several hostages on Saturday, according to Algeria's state media. The reports claim 11 militants and seven hostages were killed during a final assault to end the four-day crisis.