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Shanghai Residents Discuss U.S. Presidential Debate

NPR invited eight Chinese people to watch Tuesday's U.S. presidential debate at our bureau in Shanghai and then discuss it. Sections of the debate that focused on China generated some of the most interesting comments.

E.U. Summitt To Discuss Currency Commission

European Union leaders will discuss how better to integrate their budgets and banks at a two-day summit that begins in Brussels Thursday. The most controversial proposal comes from the German finance minister, who wants the body to appoint a currency commission with the power to veto budgets of eurozone states.

Japan's Softbank CEO Demonstrates Appetite For Risk

Earlier this week, a Japanese company announced a $20 billion bid for a majority stake in Sprint Nextel, America's third-largest mobile carrier. The deal was launched by the CEO of Softbank — an executive who says he has a "300-year business plan," and who is fond of making investments his peers call "crazy."

Social Mobilizers Combat Polio In Pakistan's Slums

Some 34 million children need to be inoculated against polio in Pakistan, if the country is going to be part of a worldwide effort to eradicate the disease. And it has to be done against a pervasive insurgency, religious extremism, a highly mobile population and no shortage of rumors.

Israeli Politicians Look To U.S. For Campaign Funds

An Israeli government report shows that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other top politicians in Israel raise a large percentage of their campaign money in the United States. Some Israelis say they are bothered, but many say they have come to expect it.

How The Taliban Is Thwarting The War On Polio

Polio is deadly, but so is what's required to stamp it out once and for all in Pakistan: facing down Islamist extremists. The virus thrives in Pakistan's lawless — and largely inaccessible — tribal regions. To stop polio's spread, health workers must be courageous, clever and relentless.

In A Ravaged Syrian Village, Planning For The Future

Activists hope a border village recently retaken by rebels can become an example of a secular and democratic local government that will spread to other areas.