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The Downside Of Tax Havens? Paperwork.

Despite all the advertising about absolute confidentiality in places like the Cayman Islands and Bermuda, if you own a company in a tax haven, you are legally required to declare it to the IRS.

A Stiletto, A Lamppost And The Soul Of Berlin

If you need help in ultramodern Berlin, the low-tech tradition of posting a note on a lamppost may yield the best results. Just ask Maira Becke, who has turned to the city's many avid lamppost readers for help recovering a beloved stiletto shoe.

Libyan Militiaman Says He Warned U.S. Of Dangers

Two days before the attack on the American Consulate in Libya, U.S. officials and pro-government Libyan militias discussed the growing risks in Benghazi, according to a militia leader. He didn't cite a specific threat, but said security in Benghazi was deteriorating.

Mideast Violence Prompts Calls For New U.S. Policy

Recent anti-American protests in the Middle East have stoked debate over what the U.S. role in the region should be. The Obama administration says the U.S. will continue to engage with new political movements in the region. Some argue for more concrete goals.

Plagued By Attacks, Iran Develops Its Own Internet

Audie Cornish talks to Washington Post reporter James Ball about Iran's preparations to create an internal Internet.

Coptic Christians Feared Attacks After Anti-Islam Film

Egypt's minority Coptic Christian community feared a backlash after a Copt was linked to the anti-Muslim film that's provoked violent protests throughout the Muslim world. But it seems the anti-Copt reaction has been limited so far.