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Transcript And Audio: Third Presidential Debate

Transcript of the third and final debate between President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

Why Does Germany Favor Obama In Presidential Race?

There is little doubt President Obama would win if the elections were being held in Germany. Analysts here say four out of five Germans prefer the incumbent to his challenger, Mitt Romney. NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson speaks to Germans to find what people there are saying about the U.S. election and whether it matters to them.

In Election, Indonesia Watches U.S. Economic Policy

Indonesia is the world's most populous Muslim-majority nation. President Obama spent part of his youth living in the nation and residents cheered him in 2008. This election, with a focus on U.S. economic policy and its role in the region, they are watching the U.S. election campaign — and the fate of Obama — closely.

European Union Protests Google's New Privacy Policy

The EU says a recent change in Google's privacy policy that allows it to combine and share data collected from all of its different services is a breach of European privacy law. Regulators say Google needs to be transparent about how it's using that data, and give users the choice to opt out.

Tibetan Farmer Is Eighth Protester To Self-Immolate This Month

At the Tibetan Labrang Monastery in Gansu, another protester chose suicide as a way to draw attention to what Tibetans say is China's repressive rule.

Oldest Auschwitz Survivor, A Teacher Who Defied Nazis, Dies At 108

The Nazi concentration camp was "worse than Dante's hell," Antoni Dobrowolski said in an 2009 interview. He was sent there for teaching young Poles. Nazi Germany, which invaded Poland in 1939, had tried to outlaw education beyond elementary age.

Iran Looms Over Candidates' Foreign Policy Debate

Foreign policy takes center stage in 2012's final presidential debate. Whoever wins on November 6th faces difficult challenges on Libya, Syria, China and other issues. At the top of the list: What the U.S. should do about Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Can U.S. Still Lead In Economic And 'Soft' Power?

When the presidential candidates hold their final debate Monday night, this one on foreign policy, they'll likely be asked to define their vision of America's role in the world. As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan wind down, that role may shift back to economic and cultural leadership, scholars say.