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Ivan Klima: "My Crazy Century"

Ivan Klima occupies a vaunted spot on the roster of great modern Czech writers. We sit down with Klima to explore his life, his literature and the lessons he’s learned.


France Rethinks The Sanctity Of Its Day Of Rest

For more than a century, French law has allowed stores to open on Sundays only under specific conditions. It also tightly controls other types of Sunday work. Several stores are now challenging that ban, as people question the tradition amid a languishing economy and a 24/7 world.

Iran Nuclear Talks Bring Top Diplomats, But Still No Deal

After a flurry of high-level diplomatic activity in Geneva Friday, Iran and six world powers continued to work on an agreement to curb Iran's nuclear program in exchange for easing of some economic sanctions. The arrival of Secretary of State John Kerry and three EU foreign ministers added diplomatic heft — but not speed — to the proceedings.

Iran Nuclear Deal Seems Close, But What Might It Look Like?

Melissa Block talks with Dennis Ross, a counselor at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, about negotiations over Iran's nuclear program taking place in Geneva and what an agreement would likely look like.

Russian LGBT Activists Visit Washington To Drum Up Support

LGBT activists from the Russian city of Arkhangelsk are making the rounds in Washington, lobbying the U.S. government to keep up the pressure on the Kremlin over its anti-gay legislation as Russia prepares to host the winter Olympics.

Which Is It? Hurricane, Typhoon Or Tropical Cyclone?

When it comes to what you call a particular tropical cyclone, it's really a matter of location, location, location.

Toronto Mayor Advised To 'Go Away For A Couple Of Weeks'

Rob Ford has admitted to smoking crack and to being drunk when he went on a profanity-laced rant. His brother said Friday that the mayor needs to take a break, and Ford's lawyer said his client may seek treatment for substance abuse.

Presidential Apologies: Regrets, They Have A Few

The recent history of White House apologies teaches us a lesson: Being president means never having to say you're sorry. At least not in a convincing, soulful, direct way.

Polio In The Middle East And Africa Could Threaten Europe

The recent discovery of polio in Syria and Israel should be a wake-up call to European health officials, scientists say. Low vaccination rates in some regions could offer the crippling virus a chance to reenter Europe and possibly gain a foothold. Vaccines used there also make it more likely that people can spread the virus.

Poet Pablo Neruda Was Not Poisoned, Officials In Chile Say

It was prostate cancer, not an assassin's poison, that killed the famous Chilean poet, officials announced Friday. The Nobel laureate's body was exhumed this spring to investigate claims that he was murdered at age 69 in 1973.