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Billionaire Adelson Under Fire For Macau Dealings

Robert Siegel talks to Lowell Bergman about a ProPublica investigation into billionaire and Republican political contributor Sheldon Adelson. There are concerns that Adelson may have violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in his payments to a Macau lawyer who represented his firm's interests in the booming gambling capital. Bergman co-reported the story with Stephen Engelberg and Matt Isaacs for the Investigative Reporting Program of the University of California at Berkeley and PBS Frontline.

Prisoners Pedal For Parole In Small Brazilian City

Audie Cornish talks with Associated Press reporter Jenny Barchfield about an inventive new program in one Brazilian prison where inmates can shorten their sentences by biking to generate energy for the town.
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Kofi Annan: "Interventions: A Life in War and Peace"

Kofi Annan was the first sub-Saharan African to serve as secretary-general of the United Nations. His thoughts on the U.N.'s successes, missed opportunities and ongoing challenges, and his work trying to broker peace in Syria.


Kenya's Free Schools Bring A Torrent Of Students

Kenya, like other countries in East Africa, has dropped many of the fees that kept poor children out of public schools. More kids are now attending, but there's a desperate shortage of books, teachers and other basic needs.

Fifth Fatal Shark Attack Has Australia Reconsidering Great Whites' Protection

Five fatal encounters in less than a year — usually there is one a year off Australia — have raised alarms. Some wonder whether great whites should be culled.

Military Chief's Removal, Rise In Hemlines: Hopeful Signs In North Korea?

Kim Jong Un may have a love in his life. Now he appears to have pushed out one of North Korea's top generals and seems to be loosening up restrictions on "Western" wear and culture.

Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Mazda Struggle In U.S Market

There's been a lot of attention paid to the health of the Detroit automakers. But probably the biggest automotive victims of the Great Recession are the smaller Japanese automakers: Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Mazda. Each is struggling to remain relevant in the U.S. auto market in part due to the yen, limited U.S. production and marketing.

Syrian Violence Escalates Into Civil War

The Red Cross announced Sunday that the conflict in Syria has now reached the level of civil war. The declaration means international humanitarian law now applies throughout the country, and is the responsibility of all parties, whether rebel or government.