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Opposition In Syria Stalls Peace Talks Decision

Syria's fractious opposition is struggling to reach a consensus on peace talks with the Assad government, ahead of an international conference next month in Geneva engineered by the U.S. and Russia. Members have been arguing over who should hold the reins of power within the coalition.

Syria's Civil War: The View From A Damascus Shrine

Syria's war has polarized the country. But as in many conflicts, a large portion of the population just wants to keep their heads down and stay out of harm's way. A visit to the Sayida Zeinab shrine offers a look into the complicated nature of the war.

After The War, A Bitter Feud Remains In Two Libyan Towns

When a civil war ends, reconciliation is the next big challenge. In Libya, black residents in one town were accused of supporting former dictator Moammar Gadhafi and were chased from their homes. They say they will return next month, but residents of the neighboring city of Misrata say they won't allow that to happen.

U.S. Embassy Officials Wounded In Caracas Nightclub Shooting

Police in Caracas say the shooting occurred after a fight broke out at a local nightclub. The State Department says the wounds are not life-threatening.

In A Single ATM, The Story Of A Nation's Economy

In Myanmar — a country that's been cut off from the world for decades — it's still a surprise when money pops out of the ATM. That may soon change.

Catholic Church Mediates Ceasefire Between Honduran Gangs

In Honduras, the Roman Catholic Church has arranged a ceasefire between the country's two most violent gangs. The government hopes Tuesday's signing will lower violence in a country that is home to the world's deadliest city.