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Sahara Attack Revives A Fear Of Renewed Terrorism In Algeria

Algerians received a double blow when an oil and gas plant was taken over in the desert last month. Algerians thought those kinds of attacks were a thing of the past, and many were angry when Western countries criticized the way Algeria's security forces responded.

Pretty Picture: Mount Etna Boils Over; NASA Adds Color To Shot From Space

A satellite image combining infrared, near infrared and green light produces a colorful combination. The volcano has been blowing off steam, and lava, this week.
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Trade War In The Caribbean: The Antigua-US Gambling Dispute

Kojo explores the fallout from a World Trade Organization decision to let a tiny Caribbean nation pirate American movies and media as retribution in an international trade dispute.

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Tracking Chinese Hackers

New reports of Chinese hackers attacking U.S. computers prompt questions about how we know who's after our data and what we can do about it.


In A Swirl Of Humanity, A Chance Encounter With A Saint

India's Kumbh Mela festival is considered the largest religious gathering in the world, and it can be completely disorienting for an outsider. An NPR reporter found an expert guide.
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Friday News Roundup - International

A deadly bombing in Syria targets the ruling party. Civilian deaths fall sharply in Afghanistan. And Secretary of State John Kerry delivers his first major foreign policy speech. Guest host Steve Roberts and a panel of journalists discuss the week's top international news stories.


Pistorius Case Dealt 'Serious Blows;' Detective Faces Own Shooting Charges

The Olympic and Paralympic sprinter is accused of murdering his girlfriend. In a court Thursday, it was revealed that the lead investigator himself had been accused of attempted murder in an unrelated case. That added to questions about the prosecution's case against Pistorius.