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Syria May Have Prepared To Use Chemical Weapons

Robert Siegel talks to Tom Bowman about Syria's chemical weapons.
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Unrest In Mali

Mali, a west African nation the size of Texas, was held up by many as a pillar of democracy in the region until a military coup last spring. We explore the continuing changes in the country and their international implications.


Nationalist Rhetoric High As Japanese Head To Polls

Sunday's parliamentary election is taking place against a backdrop of increasing nationalist feeling in Japan. Right-wing sentiment has been growing in the face of an ongoing conflict with China over a group of disputed islands and continued economic and political instability inside Japan.

U.S. Officials: Syria Has Prepared Several Dozen Chemical Bombs

American officials tell NPR that Syria's preparations are more extensive than previously reported. The U.S. and NATO are preparing for ways to address the chemical weapons threat.

Amid Food Shortages, Syrian Opposition Now Runs Many Towns

The Syrian opposition is running many local councils, particularly in the north of the country. They face urgent challenges, such as providing food, and are counting on increased international assistance to help them function.

Murder Him? 'I Barely Saw Him,' McAfee Says Of Neighbor

Wanted for questioning in Belize, the anti-virus software pioneer is now in Miami after being released by authorities in Guatemala, which had entered illegally.

Who Benefits From Syrian Civil War?

Egyptians are voting on a new constitution - but the vote is polarizing the country. Meanwhile, in Syria, the main opposition group is now recognized by the U.S., but there are questions about al-Qaeda affiliates fighting alongside them. To make sense of the developments, host Michel Martin talks with Abderrahim Foukara of Al Jazeera International.

As Egypt Prepares To Vote, Only One Side Seems Organized

Islamist groups have been well-organized and have been winning the political battles to create a new Egypt. This could propel them to a victory in the vote on the new constitution when balloting begins Saturday.