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Ebola Volunteers Are Needed — But Signing On Isn't Easy

Doctors and nurses are desperately needed to fight the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. They're finally starting to volunteer in larger numbers, but getting them deployed is a slow, complicated process.

In Pakistan, Pigeon Racing Is More Than A Hobby

In Lahore, Pakistan, breeding and racing pigeons is an integral part of everyday life.

Live Airport Tweets: An NPR Producer's Irregular Ebola Screenings

Airports around the world have begun screening passengers arriving from West Africa for signs of Ebola. But as producer Rebecca Hersher live-tweets, not all of the exams are as strict as promised.

Hong Kong Protesters Continue Tit For Tat With Police

Police and pro-Beijing supporters tore down barricades erected by pro-democracy supporters in Hong Kong on Tuesday. Protests have been going on for three weeks now with demonstrators demanding universal suffrage from Communist China.

Judging Effectiveness Of Airstrikes Against ISIS Remains Challenging

The Obama administration's strategy against ISIS is fraying, according to U.S. officials. The bombing strikes are too small and dispersed, leading to a charge that they are "Shock and Yawn," a play on the "Shock and Awe" bombing campaign of the Iraq War.

Back On Its Feet, A Liberian Hospital Aims To Keep Ebola Out

JFK hospital shut down when several doctors died of Ebola. Now it's open again. And the staff is taking rigorous measures to make sure the virus doesn't make its way past the front gate.

Survey: Latin America Ranks Last In Respect For Women

A survey of people in 148 countries finds that those in Latin America are least likely to say women who live there are treated with respect and dignity, ranking below the Middle East.
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"E-Team" - Investigating Human Rights Abuses In Times of War

Since the outbreak of the civil war in Syria, much of the fighting has essentially taken place in a black box outside the view of the rest of the world. But in 2013, a team of human rights investigators snuck into the country in the wake...


Kim Jong Un Makes First Public Appearance In More Than A Month

The North Korean leader's disappearance from the public eye led to speculation that he had suffered from a serious medical problem — or even a coup. New photos from state media show him using a cane.

British Lawmakers Vote To Recognize Palestinian State

The symbolic, nonbinding vote urges the government of Prime Minister David Cameron to recognize Palestine alongside the state of Israel.