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8 Bodies Recovered From U.S. Helicopter Crash Site In Nepal

The Huey UH-1 chopper went down east of the capital Kathmandu on Tuesday while coordinating disaster relief to the quake-stricken Himalayan country.

Unmanned Russian Rocket Burns Up Carrying Mexican Satellite

The launch is the latest in a string of failures for the Proton-M rocket, a workhorse for the International Launch Services, a joint Russia-American satellite carrier business.

U.S. Troops Kill Senior ISIS Commander In Syria

The U.S. says that Abu Sayyaf, a senior leader of the self-declared Islamic State, was killed during a U.S. military operation authorized by President Obama.

Egyptian Court Hands Morsi A Death Sentence

The former president who was ousted in 2013 had already been sentenced to 20 years in prison on other charges. The country's highest religious authority will still review the penalty.

Venice's Gondoliers Make Room For Wheelchairs

A group of gondoliers in Venice have banded together to come up with a way for people in wheelchairs to enjoy that most Venetian of experiences.

Tensions In South China Sea Loom Over Kerry Visit

Secretary of State John Kerry underscored U.S. concerns over China's claim to ownership of disputed islands in the South China Sea, an issue that has strained relations in the region.

Pressed For Time? Try Hiring A Body Double

A Mexican politician is trying to find a body double to attend ceremonial events in his stead. NPR's Scott Simon wonders if it might be a useful gimmick for American politicians, too.

Egyptian Court Sentences Ousted President Morsi To Death

An Egyptian court has sentenced ousted President Mohammed Morsi to death. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with the London Times correspondent in Cairo, Bel Trew.

Will Israel Charge Soldiers In Gaza Civilian Deaths?

Israel is investigating potential criminal actions by its troops last summer during the war against Hamas in Gaza, including three attacks that killed nearly 50 civilians taking refuge in schools.

'Nepali Times' Editor: After Quakes, Nepalese Surprisingly Upbeat

Two earthquakes and numerous aftershocks have hit Nepal, killing thousands and leaving millions in need. Kunda Dixit, editor of the Nepali Times, tells NPR's Scott Simon about how people are coping.