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North Korea Moves Missile, Threatens To Close Factories Used By South

South Korea's defense minister says the missile could have been moved for testing or for drills, and that there's no sign of military mobilizations that could suggest preparations for a full-scale conflict.

South Africans: Why Were Paratroopers In Central African Republic?

The deaths of 13 South African soldiers in the mutinous Central African Republic has opposition politicians asking why South African troops were there. The ruling ANC has denied it has any business in the Central African Republic — which is rich in natural resources, including diamonds and uranium.

Risks Increase For Humanitarian Aid Workers In Syria

David Greene talks to Muhannad Hadi, the World Food Program's regional emergency coordinator for Syria, about the growing humanitarian crisis in Syria. The civil war there has entered its third year, and last month was its deadliest.

As Egypt Negotiates IMF Loan, Food And Fuel Prices Soar

Cairo is negotiating with the International Monetary Fund for a $4.8 billion loan to help pull Egypt out of its deep economic crisis. The government subsidizes wheat and fuel but is running out of money to purchase these crucial imports, and Egyptians are feeling the pinch.

A Political War Brews Over 'Food For Peace' Aid Program

Rumors abound of a major shakeup in the works for U.S. food aid programs. The U.S. would give aid groups money to buy food wherever they could get it cheapest and quickest, rather than shipping abroad commodities bought in the U.S. Already, groups that profit from the current system are mounting a fight.

U.S. Embassy Tweets Jon Stewart's Egypt Monologue; Diplomatic Incident Ensues

The embassy tweeted a link to Stewart's monologue mocking Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi. The tweet offended the Egyptians, so the embassy deleted its entire Twitter account. It then restored the feed without the offending tweet.

Ex-Diplomats: U.S.-Russian Relations Not As Dire As They Seem

The United States and Russia have been at odds over human rights, Syria and even the adoption of Russian orphans by American families. But former U.S. envoys who met with officials in Moscow this week say they found "a willingness to explore ideas" and urged cooperation on economic and security issues.