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Brazilian Nightclub Disaster: Toxic Smoke, Barriers Blamed For Horrible Toll

More than 230 people died. Many were overcome by fumes. Others couldn't get out because the exit wasn't large enough. In the confusion, about 50 victims may have thought a bathroom door was a way out.

French And Malian Forces Take Airport In Timbuktu; Islamists Burn Library

It's feared that thousands of ancient manuscripts may have been destroyed in the fire. The oldest is said to date to 1204. Meanwhile, French and Malian forces are securing the ancient city and searching for the Islamist extremists.

Syrian Opposition Fears Waning Western Support

After prodding the Syrian opposition to reorganize into a more inclusive organization, the Obama administration has failed to support the group. France, Britain and other allies of the opposition are channeling their humanitarian aid for Syria through the new coalition. There is a legal impediment holding up U.S. action.

Egypt's Morsi Declares State Of Emergency

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has declared a state of emergency after a deadly bout of violence over the weekend left at least 50 dead in three cities the Suez Canal.

French-Led Forces Poised To Retake Timbuktu

In the West African nation of Mali, French-led forces are close to taking back the ancient city of Timbuktu from al-Qaida-linked extremists. Renee Montagne talks to Al Jazeera correspondent Jacky Rowland, who is embedded with French soldiers.

Experts Warn North Korean Rhetoric May Be Serious

After the U.N. Security Council unanimously approved new sanctions against North Korea, the country's new leader called for all out action against America. Renee Montagne talks to Georgetown professor Victor Cha about North Korea's latest possible threat.