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One Benefit Of Hosting The Olympics? More Medals

Great Britain has been raking in the medals at this summer's Olympics. Researcher Nigel Balmer of University College London says that's no coincidence. Balmer and his colleagues tracked Olympic medal counts going back to World War II and found that the host country routinely experiences a spike in the number of gold, silver and bronze medals its athletes take home. Audie Cornish talks to him about why that is.

Egypt Launches Air Strikes Against Militants In Sinai

The Egyptian army has gone on the offensive in the Sinai Peninsula, with air, missile and ground attacks against Islamist militants near the Israeli border.

China's 'Internet Police' Targets Collective Action

Audie Cornish talks to Gary King, director of Harvard University's Institute for Quantitative Social Science, about new research that looks at the types of online postings censored by the Chinese government.

Summer Nights: Cuban 'Jubans' In South Sudan

In Juba, the capital city of South Sudan, there's a small corner of Havana. A number of Jubans who studied in Cuba have tried to recreate some of the atmosphere of the Caribbean island in their southern Sudanese homeland.