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Survivor Rescued 17 Days After Bangladesh Building Collapse

More than 1,000 people are known to have been killed by the collapse of the building, which housed garment factories. In recent days, searchers had not expected to find any survivors. Instead, they had been focusing on recovering bodies.

Cyber Criminals Drain $45 Million From ATMs Around The World

Prosecutors in New York have announced charges against eight men for their roles in a "massive 21st-century bank heist." The operation stole more than $45 million from ATMs around the world in a matter of hours. Prosecutors declined to comment on who organized the heist, or where the hackers may be located.

U.S. Point Man On Syria Meets With Rebels Inside Syria

Ambassador Robert Ford crossed into northern Syria on Wednesday. The secret visit was confirmed by Syrian activists at the media office at the Bab al-Salama crossing on the Turkish frontier.

Former Air Force Pilot Has Cautionary Tales About Drones

Congressional hearings are beginning to shine a light on the drone program that for the past 12 years has been cloaked in secrecy. NPR's Kelly McEvers talked to a former Air Force pilot who operated drones for several years.

Is Pakistan's Army Ready To See Democracy Take Hold?

Pakistan holds elections this weekend. It's a milestone, as the balloting takes place as an elected civilian government finishes its entire five-year term. That's the first time that's ever happened. Steve Inskeep talks to Shuja Nawaz, director of the Atlantic Council, and the author of Crossed Swords: Pakistan, Its Army, and the Wars Within.

Why (Almost) No One In Myanmar Wanted My Money

Like people in other countries that have gone through economic turmoil, people in Myanmar wants U.S. dollars that look like they just rolled off the presses.

Bangladesh Factory Collapse Death Toll Crosses 1,000

Officials said 1,021 bodies had been pulled from the rubble. It's unclear what the final toll will be from the April 24 collapse of the Rana Plaza building that houses several garment factories.