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Activist Chen May Soon Have Passport, Be Able To Leave China

Chinese authorities have his completed application now, and have indicated that Chen and his family may get their passports within about two weeks. But Chen says he hasn't gotten a firm promise.

After Palestinian Prison Deal, A Push For Nonviolence

Palestinian prisoners ended a mass hunger strike aimed at improving conditions in Israeli prisons after reaching a deal with Israeli authorities this week. The success has some Palestinians calling for a greater emphasis on nonviolence in their opposition to Israeli policies.

Greek Voters Unlikely To Switch Austerity Views

John Peet, Europe editor of The Economist in London, talks to David Greene about European reaction to heightened speculation that Greece may leave the eurozone. Next month, voters are likely to back parties that want to tear up the IMF-EU bailout deal.

Haitian Boy Rescued At Sea, Now A Coast Guard Grad

At age 6, Orlando Morel was adrift with other Haitian refugees in the waters off the Florida coast. The U.S. Coast Guard picked them up, he was adopted by an American, and now, at 24, he's a Coast Guard Academy graduate, headed back to those waters for duty.

'Dire Consequences' If Greece Exits Euro

Depositors in Greece are nervous about the possibility, and euros are being drained from the country's banks at a rate of up to $1 billion a day this week. The new election scheduled for June isn't boosting much confidence, either. But with so much at stake, is it possible for leaders to prevent an exit?

Not Your Cold War NATO: Alliance To Examine Itself

This weekend, thousands will descend on Chicago to attend a NATO summit. The gathering will focus on Afghanistan, but discussions will also include the future of NATO itself, and whether it can overcome its shortfalls. Recent missions show just how far the alliance is from the solidarity of its early days.