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Bangladesh's Powerful Garment Sector Fends Off Regulation

The deaths of hundreds of workers in Bangladesh are taking place in a garment sector that has seen explosive growth over the past three decades. Amid market pressures to cut prices, the country has managed to lure clothing-makers through a combination of low wages and light regulation.

Top U.S. Official Meets With Rebels Inside Syria

Ambassador Robert Ford, the State Department's point man on Syrian policy, met with the head of the Aleppo military council on Wednesday. Syrian rebels thanked him for the delivery of some 65,000 MREs. Both the visit and the shipment appear to be a sign of support for Gen. Salim Idriss, the rebels' commander.

Pakistani Women Still Struggle For A Voice In Politics

Women account for only 36 of the more than 4,000 candidates on the ballot in Saturday's parlimentary election. On of them, Naz Baloch, is following her father into politics, but acknowledges it's a rough-and-tumble game in a country where opportunities for women are limited.

Build-Up To Pakistani Election Marked By Violence, Drama

Robert Siegel speaks with Pakistani academic Adil Najam from Lahore about the mood in Pakistan on the eve of what many consider historic elections on Saturday.

Samoans Await The Return Of The Tasty Turkey Tail

In 2007, Samoa banned the import of turkey tails from the U.S. to try to improve public health. But the ban kept the island nation from entering the World Trade Organization, so its days are numbered.

Son Of Pakistani Ex-Premier Kidnapped At Election Rally

Gunmen abducted candidate Ali Haider Gilani during a campaign event in the city of Multan in the latest violence to hit the campaign trail ahead of Saturday's nationwide elections.

Syrian Conflict Raises Thorny Issues Beyond The Mideast

The conflict in Syria has had repercussions far beyond its borders, with refugees streaming into neighboring states and countries around the world choosing sides. NPR commentator Ted Koppel weighs in on what the ongoing upheaval in Syria could mean for the rest of the world.