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What A Fella Has To Do To Get A Drink Around The Muslim World

Trying to keep track of the myriad regulations governing the purchase and consumption of alcohol in Afghanistan and the region beyond could drive a person to drink.

After A Rapid Rise, A Challenge To Political Islam

Well-organized Islamist groups have risen to power in several countries in recent years. But their track record for governing has been poor overall, and the events in Egypt suggest they may be facing a backlash.
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Orville Schell and John Delury: "Wealth And Power: China's Long March To The Twenty-First Century"

China scholar Orville Schell explains the history of Chinese nationalism and how it paved the way for the world's most populist country to become the global economic powerhouse it is today.


Egypt Confronts Obama With Yet Another Limit To His Power

The military coup that overthrew former President Mohammed Morsi has left a complex situation, complicating President Obama's response and leaving him mostly as a spectator. He must choose his words carefully.

Venezuela And Nicaragua Willing To Give Asylum To Snowden

Presidents of both countries said separately they would potentially support the former National Security Agency contractor. Edward Snowden, believed to be holed up in a Moscow airport, has petitioned more than 20 countries.

Gatsby-Like Extravagance And Wealth ... In Communist China

The recent movie remake of The Great Gatsby hasn't opened in China yet. But the Chinese are no strangers to its themes of wealth, ambition and corruption. In fact, many Chinese argue that the excesses of America in the Roaring '20s mirror those in China today.

'Five Star Billionaire' Shows The Human Cost Of Progress

Tash Aw's Five Star Billionaire, set in Shanghai, explores the dynamic tumult of that city. Reviewer Ellah Allfrey says that Aw, with gentle compassion and keen understanding, shows his characters succumb to the lure of a city where everything seems possible.

At Cambodia Hotel, The Workers Are The Boss

Majority ownership of the Soria Moria hotel in Siem Reap now includes all 29 full-time employees, putting control of the hotel in the hands of workers who may have never had this kind of opportunity before.

Two Former Popes Approved For Sainthood

Pope Francis has cleared the way for Pope John Paul II to be canonized after approving a second miracle attributed to his intercession. And Francis also approved Pope John XXIII for sainthood, even though he his not credited with a second miracle. In approving the canonization of both, the new Pope has pleased both conservatives and reformers in the Catholic Church.

Energy Crisis Cripples Pakistan's Economy

One business that flourishes in Pakistan these days is the generator business. Pakistan's chronic power outages are worsening amid stifling summer heat. Incoming Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says he has a plan but many are skeptical.