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Spain's Economic Woes Take A Toll On The Media

Across Europe, the recession has hit media companies where thousands of journalists have been fired and many work for low wages. In Spain, journalists see the cutbacks as a threat to press freedom at a time when Spaniards need to understand the financial crisis they are facing.

Greek Hospitals Suffer In Ailing Economy

In Greece, hospital budgets have been slashed by more than half. Doctors say they lack basic supplies, including those needed to save lives. Both public and private doctors have seen their salaries cut, delayed or even frozen. Meanwhile, unemployment is taking a toll on patients' health.

Egyptian President Nullifies Expanded Executive Powers

The referendum on the draft constitution is still set for Dec. 15, an official said in an overnight news conference. President Mohammed Morsi had been planning to give up those extra powers then.

Egyptian President Gives Up Extra Powers

An Egyptian official says President Mohammed Morsi has annulled a decree that gave him sweeping new powers last month. Host Guy Raz speaks with NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson from Cairo.

Young Gazans Brave Fear To Welcome Hamas Leader

In many countries, the very young have zero interest in politics. After decades of conflict, however, Gaza is an intensely political place and its young people were out in force to give Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal a hero's welcome — even though many are still suffering the effects of the recent eight-day missile offensive.

Egypt's Morsi Reportedly Poised To Allow Military To Arrest Civilians

Egypt's army also warned both supporters and opponents of President Morsi that they must hold talks, otherwise Egypt will enter a "dark tunnel" leading to catastrophe — and the army won't allow it.

Voters Decide How To Share Ghana's Boom

As its economy prospers, the country has gained an enviable reputation in its often-turbulent West African neighborhood. It's admired for being a relative oasis of stability and peace in the region — despite tensions in the build-up to the vote.