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U.S. Readies For Play In World Baseball Classic

With baseball gone from the Olympics, the World Baseball Classic is the only international professional baseball tournament. Former Yankees and Dodgers manager Joe Torre said he put on a uniform again to manage the U.S. team because it's a privilege.

Chinese Farmers Revolt Against Government Land Grab

Residents of a village in southern China are demanding democratic elections in a new standoff with authorities. The farmers of Shangpu say armed thugs sent by their own village chief attacked the community to pave the way for a new factory on their land.

Syrian Rebels Make Significant Military, Political Gains

Over the past several days, rebels in Syria have captured a city of more than a million people in one northern province. It the first time rebels captured a provincial capital. The rebels also have taken a step toward setting up a rebel government in another northern province.

National People's Congress Opens, Prepares For Leadership Change

On the opening day Tuesday, Premier Wen Jiabao delivered his version of the State of the Union address. He's due to step down next week. The annual legislative meeting marks the official transition to power of a new leadership team under Xi Jinping.

Indian On Hunger Strike For 12 Years Charged With Attempted Suicide

Irom Sharmila hasn't eaten on her own since November 2000. She is protesting against an Indian law that suspends human rights guarantees in conflict-ridden parts of the country. The government force-feeds her through a tube.

In Kazakhstan, No Horror At Horse Meat

Horse meat may strike horror in Great Britain. But in Kazakhstan, horseflesh isn't just acceptable, it's a traditional treat. Visitors can eat spicy horse meat sausage and drink fermented mare's milk — the same fare that fueled Genghis Khan's marauding army as it swept across the steppe.

Kenyan Election Marked But Record Turnout, Limited Violence

In the east African nation of Kenya, voters cast ballots for their next president from a field featuring the sons of the nation's first leaders. One of them has been indicted by the International Criminal Court for alleged human rights abuses related to elections five years ago when more than 1,200 people died in ethnic violence.