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C-Sections Deliver Cachet For Wealthy Brazilian Women

Brazil's economic boom has driven the demand for births by caesarean section. Some 80 to 90 percent of women in private hospitals deliver this way. Proponents say it allows mothers and doctors to better organize their time. Critics say the procedure drives up costs and may cause complications.

Rhino Horns Fuel Deadly, Intercontinental Trade

NPR's Frank Langfitt and Gregory Warner have teamed up for a series about how myth and money are driving extraordinary slaughter of rhinos. They talk with host Rachel Martin about the issue, which has repercussions from the African continent all the way to Asia.

In Pakistan, It's The 'Bat' Versus The 'Lion'

Despite widespread violence, Pakistanis came out in droves Saturday to vote in historic parliamentary elections. At one polling station in Lahore, voters contrasted sharply in their support of the two main candidates.

Experts Marvel At How Cyberthieves Stole $45 Million

The thieves hacked back-end computers and cloned prepaid debit cards, but their synchronized ATM withdrawals were even more extraordinary.

Pakistanis 'Defy Violence' To Vote In Landmark Election

Though the campaign was marred by violence and there were more attacks on Saturday, voters turned out in large numbers.

Diplomats Hope Syrian Rebels' Losses Promote Collaboration

Syrian rebels are on the defensive these days, losing ground to new offensives by government troops. Western diplomats are hopeful the rebel losses will persuade their leaders to attend an international conference being organized by the U.S. and Russia to chart a path to peace in the blood-soaked country. Host Scott Simon speaks with NPR's Deb Amos.

What It's Like To Work In A Bangladeshi Factory

More than 1,000 garment workers were killed last month, when the Rana Plaza factory building collapsed last month in Bangladesh. Host Scott Simon speaks with Kalpona Akter, the executive director of the Bangladesh Center for Worker Solidarity, who began working in garment factories at age 12.