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When Not In Sochi, Order The Khatchapuri And Eat Like You Are

Athletes and spectators are giving the food in Sochi rave reviews. But what are they eating, exactly? It's a mashup of Soviet-era Russian faves, punctuated with foods of the Caucasus that have long been special treats for people visiting the Russian Riviera.
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Diasporas Reinvesting In Their Home Countries

The Washington region is home to several large diaspora communities. During a recent trip to Africa, Kojo spoke with two members of D.C.'s Ethiopian diaspora who are focused on investment opportunities inside of the country where they grew up.


WATCH: A Death-Defying Climb To The Top Of Shanghai Tower

Two daredevils, one from Russia, the other from the Ukraine, sneak onto the construction site at the as-yet-unfinished world's second-tallest building and climb to the top.

Ladysmith Black Mambazo On A Mission To Preserve Culture

South Africa's award-winning group Ladysmith Black Mambazo are first and foremost a family. Members Albert Mazibuko and Babuyile Shabalala tell host Michel Martin what's kept the group together for 50 years, and share a bit of their signature sound. This segment originally aired Jan. 30, 2014, on Tell Me More.

Friend Finds Humanity In The Death Of Journalist Daniel Pearl

Journalist Asra Nomani spent years trying to process the death of her good friend, Daniel Pearl, who was killed by terrorists in Pakistan. Host Michel Martin hears why Nomani needed to tell Pearl's final story. This segment originally aired Jan. 28, 2014, on Tell Me More.

At Iranian Colleges, Some See Brighter Future In Another Country

President Hassan Rouhani is promising more opportunities for young Iranians. NPR's Peter Kenyon found that many college students like his rhetoric, but don't want to wait and see if it becomes reality.

Delhi's Crusading Chief Minister Resigns, Slams Main Parties

Arvind Kejriwal stepped down less than two months after his stunning rise to the position. His move came after lawmakers in the state assembly blocked an anti-corruption measure that he has championed.

Massive Volcanic Eruption In Indonesia Blankets Region In Ash

Mount Kelud blasted volcanic soot 12 miles into the air on the island of Java as it erupted, killing several people and forcing the evacuation of tens of thousands.

Syria Peace Talks Appear Near Collapse

The Syrian peace talks in Geneva are in deep trouble. Representatives of the opposition met a delegation from Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime several times this week. But the two sides can't agree on an agenda.

Men's Olympic Figure Skating Moves To Free Program

Some unfortunate falls have changed the outlook for men's figure skating. Japan and Canada are in the lead. And, Russian star Evgeni Plushenko withdrew from the competition because of a back problem.