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Iranian Expats: Iranian State 'Not A Monolith'

The United States, along with five other world powers, has signed an agreement with Iran over its controversial nuclear program. What do Iranian expatriates in America think of the deal, which would temporarily ease western sanctions? Host Michel Martin speaks to human rights activist Sussan Tahmasebi and writer Roya Hakakian.

Swarming Thieves Wreak Havoc On Famed Rio Beaches

In a spate of robberies in Rio de Janeiro, young boys — some only 10 years old — descend on tourist beach areas, robbing and harassing people. The attacks come despite anti-crime efforts in the run-up to the World Cup and Olympics. It's a phenomenon that had not been widely seen since the country's crime-ridden 1990s.

Supermarket Tragedy Leads To Resignation Of Latvian Leader

Valdis Dombrovskis is taking "political responsibility." More than 50 people died last week when when the store's roof collapsed. Corruption, design flaws and substandard work all may have played roles.
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China, The U.S. And Tensions In Asia

Kojo explores China's new air defense zone in the East China Sea, how the U.S. is responding and China's perceived assertiveness is escalating tensions in the region.


World Headlines: China Tracked U.S. Bombers Over New Zone

Beijing announced it was creating an "air defense identification zone" in a disputed area, but the U.S. flights challenge China's claim. In other news, Russia detains alleged Islamist militants. And a school exam question on rape prompts complaints in South Africa.

Thai Protesters Continue Effort To Topple Government

They took over the country's top anti-crime agency on Wednesday, the fourth day of protests. But the relatively low number of demonstrators indicate they are unlikely to bring down Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra's government.

Drilling For Oil, Based On The Bible: Do Oil And Religion Mix?

The born-again head of Zion Oil believes the Old Testament and an office full of geologists will lead him to oil deposits in Israel. So far, the company has spent $130 million and only hit dry holes.

In Kenya, Corruption Is Widely Seen, Rarely Punished

Video footage from the attack on Nairobi's Westgate Mall in September appeared to show security forces looting stores in the middle of the deadly siege. The revelation shocked even Kenyans jaded by reports of corruption. But police officials tell a different story: one of good behavior going unrewarded, which forces out many ambitious would-be civil servants.

China, Japan Ramp Up Airspace Dispute

China announced over the weekend that it had expanded an air-defense zone to cover islands that are claimed by both it and Japan. The U.S., Japan and others said they wouldn't recognize that new zone. The U.S. has since flown two bomber jets through the space without notifying China.

President-Elect Aims To Deploy Honduran Army To Fight Crime

The crime, poverty and unemployment rates have increased in Honduras under outgoing President Porfirio Lobo of the conservative National Party. But voters have chosen to keep the party in power by electing Juan Orlando-Hernandez. Linda Wertheimer talks to Tracy Wilkinson, the Mexico bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times, about the election.