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Israel: Syria Has Been Using Chemical Weapons

An Israeli military official says Syria employed the weapons in a series of recent incidents. The U.S., meanwhile, has said little on the subject and has not made similar accusations against Syria.

Hackers Tweak FIFA On Corruption, As Reform Advocate Quits

FIFA's efforts to rehabilitate its tarnished public image were dealt twin setbacks Monday, as the Twitter account of the international soccer federation was hacked and used to send a message joking about corruption. And a member of its reform committee quit, saying their work was pointless.

French Parliament OKs Same-Sex Marriage Law

France will join 13 other nations that have legalized gay marriage within their borders. In three others, including the U.S., same-sex marriage is legal in some jurisdictions. The new French law also legalizes adoptions by same-sex couples.

Embassy Bombed In Libya; Canada Train Plot Suspects In Court

A car bomb took out the front wall and the reception area of the French Embassy in what some suspect was an attack related to France's military intervention in Mali.

Italian Government's Political Deadlock May End

Eight weeks after an exceptionally tight election, Italy still has no government. While the deadlock may be broken this week, the battle has wounded Italy's political establishment.

Journey Of A Specialty Coffee Bean, From Cherry To Cup

That tasty cup of java from your favorite gourmet coffee shop began life on a farm thousands of miles away. Farmers who cater to the specialty coffee market compete on quality. And some use the higher prices their beans fetch to reinvest in their businesses and improve conditions for workers.

For Chinese Women, Marriage Depends On Right 'Bride Price'

China's one-child only policy and historic preference for boys has led to a surplus of marriageable Chinese men. Young women are holding out for better apartments, cars and the like from potential spouses. And prospective in-laws are socking away savings to try to appeal to a future daughter-in-law.