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On India's Trains, Seeking Safety In The Women's Compartment

Like some other big cities around the world, New Delhi has train cars reserved for women only. The female riders say it offers them a secure way to commute, but they argue that the larger problem is male attitudes.

After 2-Week Closure, Cypriot Banks Reopen

The Mediterranean island nation's leaders are hoping to prevent a bank run. Customers could see limits on cash withdrawals that could last for months. The terms of the bailout deal are a shocking outcome for a country which built itself on its banking industry.

Emerging Nations To Set Up Development Bank

The bank would fund infrastructure projects in emerging and developing countries. But the leaders of the BRICS nations — Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa — were unable to agree on how much capital such a bank would need.

With Cyprus On The Ropes, Which Country Will Become The Next Tax Shelter?

Robert Siegel talks to Joseph Cotterill, writer for the Financial Times, about what may happen if the European Union's bailout plan for Cyprus succeeds and which country may be poised to take on the role as the next Cayman Islands of Eastern Europe.