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The "Fixers" Behind International Journalism

Kojo chats with American journalists who reported from the front lines in Iraq and from the rubble in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake -- and with the fixers who helped them do their jobs.


China's Internet Growth In Two Charts

China has by far the most Internet users in the world, but the Internet doesn't have that kind of reach — at least not yet.

Mandela Has Made 'Remarkable Progress,' Daughter Says

The anti-apartheid champion and former South African president may soon be sent home from the hospital where he's been since June 8, Zindzi Mandela tells Sky News. That word comes on the eve of Nelson Mandela's 95th birthday.

Your Love Of Quinoa Is Good News For Andean Farmers

Despite reports to the contrary, the global quinoa boom has not put the superfood out of reach for the people in Bolivia and Peru who grow it — though it has raised prices. And these farmers want consumers to know that overall, the world's love affair with quinoa is raising their standard of living.

Weight Loss Is Worth Gold In Dubai

Alarmed at ballooning waistlines in a region where fast food is common and comfortable outdoor exercise is not, the local government is offering citizens a gram of gold for each kilogram they lose by Aug. 16.

School Tragedy Puts Focus On Poor Health Of India's Children

The tragedy is a stark contrast to the stories of India's economic rise that have dominated headlines for the past decade. Compared with countries like China and South Africa, India has struggled to reduce problems like childhood malnutrition and mortality.

Lawyer: Snowden Could Leave Moscow Airport Within A Week

The news comes a day after Edward Snowden applied for temporary asylum in the country and just after Russian President Vladimir Putin said U.S.-Russian relations are more important than the Snowden case.

English Soccer Team Sees New Level Of Fan Dedication

As players for the team were sightseeing in Vietnam, they noticed a man in an Arsenal shirt running alongside the team bus. He kept pace for more than 3 miles. Players began chanting, "Sign him up!"

In India, At Least 22 Children Die After Eating Poisoned School Lunch

The tragedy sparked violent protests in the eastern state of Bihar. A mob smashed the windows of police buses and overturned a police booth. All of the children who died were between the ages of 8 and 11.

Chinese Museum Closes Because Of Fakes

A visiting writer noticed some of the fakes. Like an ancient artifact bearing Chinese characters that first appeared in the 20th century. And an ancient vase bearing modern looking cartoon animals.