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Kenya's Answer To Barbecue Is Part Celebration, Part Test Of Manhood

Nyama choma — grilled meat — is Kenya's answer to barbecue. It's usually goat and always signals a celebration. Grooms-to-be have to slice it properly in front of wedding guests to prove their manhood.

In Afghan Bazaar, U.S. Goods At Bargain Prices

Western aid to Afghanistan hasn't created any U.S.-style malls. But it has helped keep markets well-stocked, like the Bush Bazaar, which specializes in selling stolen U.S. goods.

Ethiopia Faces Uncertain Future After Leader's Death

Ethiopia's prime minister, Meles Zenawi, has died. He was 57 years old. Meles was reportedly being treated at a hospital in Belgium. He came to power after leading rebels and overthrowing the country's dictator in 1991. He was a key U.S. ally in the war on terrorism, but was also increasingly authoritarian.

Apple's China Plants Still Face Union, Overtime Issues

Apple has taken some meaningful steps to improve working conditions at its Chinese factories, according to a progress report issued on Tuesday by a labor group. The report says that illegal overtime remains a problem at Foxconn plants, Apple's main supplier in China.

Indian Parliament Adjourned After Row Over 'Coal-Gate'

Opposition lawmakers demanded that Sonia Gandhi's Congress party step aside. An official audit has accused the current government of handing out rights to coal mines without going through competitive bidding or auctions — possibly causing $33 billion in losses.

China's Increased Investment Upsets Some Pakistanis

China is the one country that is looking to invest in Pakistan in a big way. But that has upset militant nationalists in southern Pakistan. They accuse China of trying to be a new colonial power. A recent bomb blast near the Chinese Consulate in Karachi underscores the rising tensions.