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From The Stone Age To The Digital Age In One Big Leap

Deep in the Amazon, an isolated Brazilian tribe almost vanished when it first had contact with the modern world. Now the Surui tribe is working with Google to do things like report on illegal logging in the forest.

In Congo, Lure Of Quick Cash Turns Farmers Into Miners

"Subsistence mining" is now believed to be the single largest sector for employment. But the work is arduous, windfalls are rare, and miners complain that Chinese companies exploit them.

Exploring The World's Highest Peaks From Your Couch

Have you ever wanted to see the view from the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania? Google is making that possible — sending employees up the world's highest peaks with digital cameras, tripods and fisheye lenses to take photos that can be stitched together for a 360 degree view.

Mortar Hits Syrian University; Turkey Denies It Deported Refugees

A mortar shell reportedly struck Damascus University today, killing several students in a cafeteria; Turkey is rejecting reports that if forcibly repatriated hundreds of Syrian refugees following a clash in a border camp on Wednesday.
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Understanding International Tax Havens (Rebroadcast)

The crisis in Cyprus sheds a light on how investors shelter their wealth. A panel joins Diane to explain how tax havens work and their effect on economies around the world.


U.S. Trumpets Stealth Bomber Training Run Over Korean Peninsula

In rare move clearly aimed at North Korea, the U.S. command in the South announced the practice bomb run by the Missouri-based B-2s.

Judge Rules Pistorius Can Leave South Africa

The Olympic and Paralympic sprinter has been accused of murdering his girlfriend. He says it was a tragic accident. He is now permitted to go to international competitions while awaiting trial. A judge also relaxed other restrictions placed on Pistorius when he was granted bail.