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Afghan President Says CIA Cash Payments Were Small And Legit

Hamid Karzai was responding to a New York Times report that his office took secret CIA money for a decade.

Chasing The Chinese Dream — If You Can Define It

Touted in the state-run media, "the Chinese dream" is Beijing's latest official slogan. The man who made the phrase famous says it means China becoming the world's No. 1 superpower. But as censors scrub unapproved versions of the concept from the Internet, people wonder: Just whose dream is it anyway?

High On Mount Everest, Climbers Clash With Sherpas

An argument between three climbers and Sherpa guides on Mount Everest reportedly devolved into a fistfight on the mountain, close to Camp III, at 24,500 feet. The Nepali Times calls it "the highest brawl in world history," as well as evidence of a culture clash.

Diplomacy, Sanctions And A Nearing Red Line With Iran

Sanctions have hurt the Iranian economy, but have so far failed to convince Tehran to abandon nuclear ambitions. A report from the Iran Project argues that it's time to re-examine the balance of sanctions and diplomacy. Others argue it's time to consider military options.

A Historic Community Dismantled In Peru

Photojournalists Elie Gardner and Oscar Durand documented the historic El Ayllu neighborhood in the capital — right before it was torn down to make way for an airport extension.

Tourism Today: Trample, Disrupt and Destroy

When people think of potentially destructive global businesses, tourism may not come to mind. But Elizabeth Becker, author of Overbooked: The Exploding Business of Travel and Tourism, says the industry is spoiling the landscape and the economic future of many vulnerable nations.