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China Builds Museums, But Filling Them Is Another Story

China has been building museums with abandon, opening about 100 annually in recent years. Two of the biggest opened on the same day last fall on opposite banks of Shanghai's Huangpu River. But filling these museums — with both art and visitors — is proving more challenging.

Socks Are Optional As Pakistan Grapples With Power Cuts

You are a poor country with chronic power shortages. The summer is blazing hot. What do you do? In Pakistan, the prime minister has banned air conditioners in government offices — but says it's OK for workers to go without socks.

Border Collies Protect Scientsts' Research From Geese

Scientists in Canada were working at an experimental research farm, testing crops like corn and barley. But packs of Canada geese had been swooping in and destroying the crops. Two border collies were hired to chase away the geese.

Now's Your Chance To Own A Little Bit Of Gandhi

The late Indian leader Mohandis Gandhi, who became known as Mahatma, or venerated one, had an appendectomy decades ago. Afterward, doctors took samples of his blood. Two microscope slides bearing that blood are being auctioned in London.

Young People Cast Out Of Italy's Welfare System

In Italy, the youth jobless rate is nudging 40 percent, a record high in post-war history. Demographer Stefano Rosina says the Italian welfare system has always been skewed toward the middle-aged and elderly, leaving Italian youths with no political or trade union representation.