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Pakistani Televangelist Is Back On Air, Raising Fears

Pakistan's most famous, and infamous, TV evangelist has been rehired by a top station. In 2008, Aamir Liaquat made on-air threats against a religious minority, the Ahmadis. Those comments were followed by widespread violence against the group. Liaquat's return to the airwaves has rekindled the controversy.

For Julian Assange, A Tricky Exit For Asylum

Ecuador granted asylum to Julian Assange this week, but Britain says it still intends to arrest the WikiLeaks chief the moment he steps out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London and extradite him to Sweden for questioning about alleged sexual assaults. Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon has one way he could get out — via diplomatic mail.

Egypt's New Leader Struggles To Fulfill Big Promises

The list of Egyptian grievances is long, and President Mohammed Morsi has promised to deliver results in his first 100 days. As one poor family is discovering, it will take longer than that.

France To Hollande: Time To Get To Work

When Francois Hollande won the May presidential elections, many in France were pleased to have a down-to-earth guy, after the hyperactive, sometimes chaotic presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy. But Hollande's personal life has proven to be almost as complicated as Sarkozy's, and many are beginning to think his governing style is a bit too relaxed.

Italian Yacht Owners Weigh Anchor To Dodge Taxes

Italy is cracking down on notoriously wily tax evaders in an effort to reduce its huge debt. Yacht owners have become a prime target, with authorities conducting surprise dockside inspections. But many boat owners have taken pre-emptive measures and simply sailed off into the Mediterranean.

Russian Rockers Get Prison Sentences

Three members of Russia's Pussy Riot rock band were sentenced to two years in jail. The women were found guilty of hooliganism connected to "religious hatred."