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Attention Chinese Media: Kim Jong Un Is 2012's Most Interesting Man

People's Daily Online gave big play to The Onion's declaration that Kim Jong Un is 2012's sexiest man. Can we convince the Chinese news media that he's even more than that?

Protests, Clashes Build Again In Cairo

President Mohammed Morsi's power grab has angered many Egyptians and led many of those who filled the streets during the Arab Spring to renew their protests. The clashes are expected to continue throughout the day.

Deal Reached On Greek Debt, Markets Rise In Relief

Leaders agreed on a plan to release some loan payments that Greece desperately needs, and to take steps that should help reduce that nation's debt.

Arafat's Grave Opened, Samples Taken To Be Tested For Poison

The Palestinian leader died eight years ago. Earlier this year, his widow gave investigators some of his clothes and tests showed what might be traces of lethal polonium-210. His remains will now be tested.

Britain's Central Bank Picks Canadian As New Chief

The new head of the Bank of England is a Canadian — Mark Carney, currently Canada's central bank chief. It's the first time Britain has chosen a noncitizen to lead its central bank.

Syrian Rebels Plan Free Election

In Aleppo province of northern Syria, rebel leaders are planning the first "free" election outside government control — imperfect as it may be. For the first time, towns and villages across the province will come together in each place and decide who will represent them. Rima Marrouch contributed to this report.