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Opposition Forces In Syria

The Obama administration may ask the Pentagon to provide support for moderate rebel groups in Syria. Guest host Susan Page and her guests examine the struggle for power among opposition forces in Syria’s civil war.


Debate: Does The U.S. Have A Dog In The Fight In Syria?

So far, the Obama administration has been reluctant to intervene in a major way in the Syrian civil war. Is there a clear course of action the U.S. could take to help the Syrian people that would lead to a better outcome?

Amanda Knox Won't Attend New Italian Trial, Lawyer Says

Amanda Knox, whose murder conviction was overturned in 2011, will not travel to Italy for a new trial in the death of fellow student Meredith Kercher. A spokesman for the Knox family tells CNN that Knox's presence isn't required at next month's trial.

New Details On How U.S. 'Helped Saddam As He Gassed Iran'

CIA documents and interviews with former officials reveal more about how the U.S. gave the dictator intelligence that helped him during Iraq's 1980s war with Iran, Foreign Policy reports. The information was then allegedly used when Iraq deployed chemical weapons.

Survey Asks Britons How Often Bed Sheets Are Changed

The mattress company Ergoflex sponsored the survey. Among men, aged 18 to 25, more than half said they put fresh sheets on just four times a year. Half of those guys said they thought this was perfectly fine.

Talk Of Strike On Syria Moves From 'Will It Happen?' To When

American officials say there's little doubt the Assad regime used chemical weapons to kill scores of people last week. As U.S. Navy ships close in, analysts say it's likely that cruise missiles will be fired at Syrian "command and control" centers in coming days. The goal? Alter Assad's behavior.

India's Currency Drops Following U.S. Fed Shift In Policy

The problems were triggered when the Federal Reserve said it would soon ease bond buying. Renee Montagne talks to Amy Kazmin, a correspondent for the Financial Times in New Delhi, about the troubles with India's economy.

Hagel's Indonesia Trip Consumed By Thoughts On Syria

The Syria government says it will allow U.N. weapons inspectors to access the site of an apparent chemical weapons attack outside Damascus. Last week's attack left hundreds of civilians dead, and could lead to a military response by the U.S. and other western nations. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is on a planned trip to Indonesia.

What Are The U.S. Options Regarding Syria?

When it comes to action in Syria, the U.S. has moved from will it — to what will it do? Analyst Aaron David Miller, a Public Policy Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center, tells Renee Montagne that it is "almost inevitable that the president will authorize some form of military action" in Syria after last week's alleged chemical attack against civilians.

Fed Decision Sends Brazil's Currency Lower

When the Federal Reserve announced it had a plan to taper U.S. economic stimulus measures, shockwaves were felt across financial markets overseas. Anticipation of the Fed's action has sent Brazil's currency tumbling in one of the world's most important emerging markets.