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A Dash Of Olive Oil May Preserve Decaying British Cathedral

One of the world's most basic cooking ingredients could be the key to protecting some of Europe's most stunning buildings. The limestone used in England's 800-year-old York Minster is particularly vulnerable to pollution. The oleic acid in olive oil, British researchers say, may provide the protective coating needed to prevent further decay.

A Life Examined: Who Was The Victim So Brutally Murdered In India?

From interviews with her friends and family, The Wall Street Journal adds some details to the life of a young woman whose gang rape and death has shocked India and much of the world.

Benghazi Attack: Only Man Who Was In Custody Is Now Free, Lawyer Says

Tunisian authorities have released a man who has been suspected of being involved in the attack that left the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans dead. The man's lawyer says there's no evidence to connect his client to the attack. He was recently questioned by the FBI.

How Will New Obama Teams Affect Foreign Policy?

President Obama is expected to continue announcing cabinet nominations to fill posts during his second term. On Monday, he announced he would nominate Chuck Hagel to be Defense secretary and John Brennan for CIA director. Steve Inskeep talks to Danielle Pletka, vice president of foreign and defense policy at the American Enterprise Institute, and Vali Nasr, a scholar of the Muslim world and a former adviser to the Obama administration, about these nominations.

Editorial Ignites Freedom Of Press Debate In China

A dispute over an editorial in a Chinese newspaper has widened into calls for more freedom of expression. Hundreds of people protested Monday calling for an open news media.

Ill In Cuba, Chavez Likely To Miss His Swearing In

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is scheduled to be sworn in for a fourth term on Thursday, but he remains in Cuba undergoing treatment for cancer. In a very loose interpretation of the constitution, the government is prepared to inaugurate him later. The opposition says the constitution is being violated.