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Royals File Suit Over Topless Kate Middleton Photos

Publications in Ireland, France and Italy have printed pictures showing Princess Kate sunbathing topless while on holiday with her husband, Prince Williams. Lawyers for the couple went to court Monday to seek an injunction against the Italian publishing house owned by former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi that has published a broad spread of the photos.

Obama Adviser: U.S. Hasn't Walked Away From Libya

With anti-U.S. protests continuing across the Islamic world, President Obama's goal of resetting and improving relations seems in doubt. Audie Cornish talks with the Obama campaign's foreign policy adviser Michele Flournoy about the administration's Middle East agenda, and differences with the Romney campaign.

Tensions Run High Between Israel And U.S. Over Iran

Relations between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama have been strained over Israel's call for a "red line" regarding Iran, beyond which military action directed at Iran's nuclear facilities would become inevitable.

Canada Stops Its Defense Of Asbestos, As Quebec's Mines Close For Good

Canada has ended its longstanding resistance to an international treaty calling asbestos a dangerous material, in a decision that reflects a shift in the leadership of Quebec province, home of Canada's asbestos industry.

Politics, Religion And Power Behind Protests

Violent protests erupted in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Indonesia, fueled in part by reaction to the anti-Islam film that sparked violence in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere. Religion plays a key role in these protests, but many observers also cite politics, internal power struggles and history.

Family Of Man Behind Anti-Islam Video Flees Home

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, who news outlets describe as an Egyptian-born Coptic Christian, left before his wife and children.